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Monday, July 09, 2007

42% on the Road to Three

Yea, OK, making steady progress on the second draft, not the lightening fast progress I'd hoped for, but summer brings with it its own set of distractions. Still, after lunch today - even after a Wal-Mart stop for new camping gear - managed to give the progress meter a shove up to 45%. My goal is to pass the halfway point by the end of the week.

I put Solomon and Margaret up on Publisher's Marketplace the other day. My page is one of the most-viewed today, which is nice. Maybe Sarah and/or Cristina will get some interest in the work. Why don't you pop in and bump my viewer count up a little? It's at (and of course, when you do, you'll learn who Solomon, Margaret, Sarah and Cristina are, if you don't already know).

I recently sent out a long overdue newsletter, covering what's been happening over the past 8 months since the last one. I've been so into posting on this blog I've been remiss in doing that. Anyhow, if you click the 'newsletter' option on the sidebar menu next to this post, you can find how to sign up for it - though if you read this blog I don't suppose the newsletter's going to tell you anything new.

OK, gotta to do camp pick up. Until next week...

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Michelle Pendergrass said...

We're going floating and camping this weekend!! Have fun!