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Dan is the Bram Stoker-nominated author of Plague of Darkness, Solomon’s Grave, and the critically-acclaimed Margaret's Ark. Writing as G. Daniel Gunn, he released Destroyer of Worlds and the novella (written with L.L.Soares) Nightmare in Greasepaint (Samhain Publishing),. His short stories have appeared in Cemetery Dance, Shroud Magazine, Apex Digest and many more. He and his family live in New England.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Coming Soon

Next week, in fact: Margaret's Ark. Both in print and ebook. Stay tuned. If you see it anywhere, don't buy it yet. When all media are ready, I'll send the word out. Maybe we can give it a Grand Beginning, get thoseimfamous rankings kicked into high gear. Long story behind this, and what it's imprint Other Road Press is all about. Soon. Wait a week. Almost soup. :)

Monday, July 25, 2011

Annual Wheels & Heels Against MS!

From my brother Paul Keohane:

As many of you know, my sister Anne and I have participated in an annual event to help raise money to fight the devastating effects of Multiple Sclerosis.

After a shortened mileage last year, we return to the full 50-mile journey. This year's event will be my ninth and Anne's seventh and our resolve remains unwavering. MS is not taking a rest this year so neither are we. We will continue our fight, determined as always to reach that day when MS is but a memory.

Our 3-day journey begins in Hyannis on Saturday, September 9th and takes us again through the bike paths and streets of Cape towns such as Brewster and Orleans. We look forward to another challenge, alongside the many wonderful people we meet along the way as well as the tireless volunteers who cheer us on.

Multiple Sclerosis is a frightening disease that affects the central nervous system. The symptoms may be mild (such as numbness in the limbs) or severe enough to cause blindness or paralysis. The severity and specifics of the symptoms of MS can't yet be predicted, but advances in research and treatment are giving hope to those affected by the disease.

Your donations to the National MS Society not only helps fund vital research, but also goes towards helping people, like my sister, with their day-to-day struggles. To give you a recent example of their aid, just this past Fall the Society helped ease the financial burden of a ramp Anne had installed at her new condo. This ramp goes from her parking space all the way to her front door.

As in the past, there are two ways you can donate. No amount is too small.

* The fastest and most convenient way would be to visit our web site at and then click on mine or Anne's name.

* You can also mail a check to myself or Anne, making it out to The National MS Society.

                            Our addresses are:
Paul Keohane                                         Anne Murphy
2 Jillian Rose Dr                                     13 Apache Way
Oxford, MA 01540                                Tewksbury, MA 01876

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

John Skipp Needs Your Help!

Fellow horror writer and all-around cool guy John Skipp is rallying the community of zombie lovers everywhere to raise money for a privately funded film project he is putting together, and needs to raise a certain amount by the 21st of this month! Check out this link:  For a very entertaining video explaining the project. He's hoping if enough people donate even $1 or $10 they can raise the funds, and so far it's working. $10 gets your name prominently displayed under the Special Thanks in the closing credits. Anyway, check it out, it's a hoot.

Monday, July 18, 2011


My review of the final act of the Potter film series, HARRY POTTER and the DEATHLY HALLOWS, PART 2 is now up at Cinema Knife Fight. Go see, read and enjoy....

Friday, July 08, 2011

Our 48-Hour Film Project For Your Viewing Pleasure.

OK, so a few weeks back we all gathered, first at Ned & Gloria Utzig's house then at mine for filming, for the annual Mad Ned Productions' entry into the NH 48 Hour Film competition. Filmmakers gather around New England and at 7:00 or so Friday evening, find out the requirements for their film, which they then have to Write, Film, Edit a 5 - 7 minute film and Deliver it in person to NH by 7:00 Sunday evening. To make sure people don't film ahead of time, the organizers randomly draw the Genre for each film, as well assign everyone a specific character name and occupation, prop to use, and a specific line of dialogue.

The character: Shorty or Sharon Cook
Occupation: politician
Prop: watch
Line: Be True To Your Word

The characters and prop don't need to be the main focus, but they HAVE to be in there. Mad Ned Productions drew HORROR as our genre. We all sat around (about 12 of us) and came up with a story, then they sent me to a corner to type out the screenplay. As always when filming, the screenplay that was saved on Friday was only a guideline by the time we were done, because scenes were changed, dialogue added, by necessity, but overall we kept to the original story we'd all conceived of as a group Friday night.

One location (with short car scene), very few actors, made for more chances at clever filmmaking. Kudos to Andy for going under water in the pool for one quick shot, and of course young Micky for being a sport in the infamous bedroom and bathtub scene, as you're about to see.

And Linda volunteered me for the role of Lover Boy.... it's not my fault. It's not. My acting debut is below, as embarrassing (to my kids at least) as it is. I didn't suck too bad, though. But the others, wow, just wait. Very cool.

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

German Anthology PAINSTATION

Austria/Germany's Michael Krug has published my short story "Living by the Highway" as "Amelia" in the German-language anthology of stories PAINSTATION. It's appearing along with stories by Brian Keene, Ronald Malfi and many others. Check it out... well, if you speak Deutsche. Or even if you don't. Could make a great collector's item!

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

My Review with Mike Arruda of TRANSFORMERS is up at Cinema Knife Fight

Hi, everyone. My review, written with Michael Arruda, of the over-the-top TRANSFORMERS, DARK OF THE MOON (2011) is now posted at Cinema Knife Fight. Enjoy...