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Sunday, May 27, 2007


Chaperoned my daughter Amanda's field trip Thursday, but still almost made the 10K word mark. We're in the home stretch, coming into the climax of the book. Problem is, I've been writing small jaunts into the book at a time. No writing tomorrow, so on Tuesday, when I head out to the Borders in Northboro, I'll need to focus on the scene at hand and get some extended writing done. Problem is with writing in 30 minute, 20 minute incremements, makes for short scenes, jumpy, which works at various points of the book, but not the climax. Too much going on, need to focus on the action, and the detail, and the final character development. A lot of juggling, can't rush through it. At this stage, always better to write too much and cut later than not write enough and make everthing flat.

We just finished watching (on tape) the finale for 24. Yawn. Honestly, I love this show, but you can tell even the writers lost interest a couple of weeks/hours ago, and they were simply trying to fill in the time with story. Which is too bad, since 24 is one of the best shows around. I hear they're going to 'reinvent' the show next season. Here's what I've thought they should do and have thought so for a couple of seasons (but since I don't know Keifer S I may as well tell you): Go back in time, make 24 take place in the late 1800's, Jack the Ripper time, or perhaps World War II. No high technology, not ability to track thermal images via satellite and all that deau ex machina they rely so heavily on. The digital clock between commercial breaks: a sweeping second hand, with a real mechanical TIC TIC TIC. The cast? Bring everyone back (who wants to come), including the woman who played the evil Nina. If it's a WWII scenario, who better to play a spy? Anyway, it's more of a challenge, but it would be a hoot. I'd even help write it... of course, Mr. Sutherland will need to ask me first. Otherwise, I continue on with New Horror Novel....

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Free Fiction on my website

By the way, for quite some time I've made it a point to offer free short stories to folks visiting my website at These are older stories that have been published in various outlets, including my aging, self-published charity collection Christmas Trees and Monkeys. Currently on board is my only take (so far) on the whole zombie craze, titled "Two Fish to Feed the Masses." I always try and give a little background on the piece, and hopefully have formatted it so it's readable (whether the writing is readable, well, that's for you to decide <g>).

Anyhow, thought I'd mention it. Heading out to vomit another 1000 or so words into New Horror Novel (still haven't come up with a title yet, been leaning towards Destroyer of Worlds, but it sounds a bit over the top for a book title, doesn't it?....)


Monday, May 21, 2007


Haven't taken a whole day off to write in some time, but did so on Friday, which was good. Brought me up by almost 11,000 words (in total for week). Interesting when we write, how scenes never go the way we expect, not always at least. But when this happens, it's almost always better than what I'd planned. So, the scenes are moving together towards the final day (the story takes place over the course of a week, and we're about to move into Friday).

Finished a great little science fiction novel, a military space opera called The Myriad, Tour of the Merrimack #1. There's a #2 out (called Wolf Star), and it was the excerpts from this that got me hooked. Written by R.M. Meluch, the book is fast-paced and very enjoyable. I should say that as I read it, I had to check out to see if this guy (I assume RM is male) writes for Battlestar Galactica, because the characters, general feel reminds me a lot of the show - it came out around the same time as the series (and excellent series, by the way) began, so might just be a coincidence.

On another note, it's been about 3 months since I opened up a MySpace page (see sidebar menu for the link), so I should let you know what I think. It's kinf of sucky. Well, OK, the networking with people of similar interests is great, nice to have this connection, as tentative and spam-riddled as it is (I'll explain in a moment). So in that vein I guess it's successful. MySpace itself is a piece of annoying commercial shit, however, and pardon my French. They bombard you with constant ads for half-naked women who supposedly want me, and want me NOW. I'm always getting "friend requests" from non-existent people who are actually porn advertisers (basically, now, if I get a friend request with only a first name, and either a) there's no photo, or b) the photo is of a half-naked woman in a provocative pose, I delete it. My wife Janet calls my infrequent trips to MySpace "going to meet your girlfriends?" I see her point - most of the photos remind one of personal ads, which in some ways it is like that. Not for us writers, though - I tried (unsuccessfully, I think) to explain that writers use it for possible networking opportunities, and to reach fans when we (someday) have a book out. Ah well. The most often used tool I've seen used for communication between members is the "bulletin board" where people post news (sometimes) - if they're your "friend" you can see it. There are occasional people who feel the need to post something every day, in effect bumping the other, less frequent posters' news off the list before I can see them. Like anyone who first gets email and forwards all the same jokes to everyone they know, these folks eventually realize that they're starting to be annoying and taper the bulletins a bit, making room for the next. I can't see the bulleting working very well at all, however, once you're reached a certain number of "friends" - there'll just be too many in the network. Still, if MySpace didn't go SO SLOW because they're constantly filling your screen with semi-nude women, it might have some value. We'll see. I'll check in in another 3 months and see if things have improved.

Monday, May 14, 2007


Ah, sorry, running late with this one. had a couple of setbacks time-wise. Hopefully this week I can make a bigger leap, still, I think I'm past the halfway mark. No major changes this week plot-wise, steady as she goes.... Happy Mother's Day, everyone. Hope you all enjoyed the good weather this past weekend.

We saw Spiderman 3 yesterday. It had its problems, I think, not quite as good as the first two. Felt a bit bogged down, and the rah-rah'ness of the street crowds in too many scenes was annoying. Still, on the good side - Thomas Hayden Church is the perfect Sandman. (How he became Sandman is just silly, but he looks JUST like the character), and Bryce Howard looks just like the ill-fated Gwen Stacy (not ill-fated in the movie, but the original comic book - she was Peter Parker's original girlfriend who died at the hands of the Goblin the issue before I began reading the comic myself in my teens - interesting they brought her into the movies). A note to the filmmakers - after three Spidey movies with poor Mary Jane dangling from someplace really high as bait for Spiderman, maybe we can come up with another way for the webslinger to face the baddies at the climax? Still, an enjoyable movie all around, and I have to admit, the part I dreaded the most, the eternally dragged out storyline with Harry, Pete and MJ, was actually the best part of the flick.

OK, gotta run.

Monday, May 07, 2007


Six thousand, not bad for part-time writing, but on one day I'd only logged a 300 word increase, but wrote a whole lot more. See, something interesting happened this week. I'd worked out the plot of the book all the way to the end a while back, recently tweaked it, then (as I think I mentioned last week... maybe not), came up with a cool final chapter, a good way to end it and add a little twist. Well, had I been a full-time writer, I probably would have continued writing with this new last chapter in mind. Since I'm not, I had 24 hours to mull the idea over (and when I'm working on the first draft of the novel, I'm mulling over the book for pretty much 24 hours a day, just ask Janet). Anyhow, my brain kept playing with that last chapter idea, going What If This... and What if That.... I started to wonder, am I coming up with a whole other book, a sequel? I don't want to do a sequel to this book, so then what is going on? Well, I sat down next day and typed out these questions. I worked out what it was the right side of my brain was trying to tell me. In the end, what I was planning for last chapter is now revealed only third of the way through the story. Interestingly enough, the outline hardly changes, but there's now a subplot woven throughout the story, revealing itself in pieces, until the two come together at the end.

I was enjoying writing the book to this point, now I'm more excited about it because I think it's been twisted more into my true image, enough that it's a pretty unique story. Hopefully no more changes. Doesn't feel like it. Not that any of this is new. Usually when I'm plodding midway through a first draft of a novel it starts to feel heavy, weighted. This is due to something missing in the story, and the illusion that All Is Well can't maintain itself. At this point one needs to look at where the story is heading, and get it back on course. So, have a lot of writing to do, better et to it.

One final point.... the gym where I work out in the morning provides towels. They recently bought a slew of new ones. Now, have you bought a new shower towel for yourself recently? Have you noticed something odd about them? Yep, they're water-repellant. What the hell are the manufacturers of bath towels thinking? You're dripping wet, grab a brand new towel and expect - well - you expect it to absorb water! That's what towels are supposed to do. Not push it around from one body part to another. Wash the thing as many times as you want, whatever chemical they treat them with these days is pretty durable. Takes about a year of laundering to get the towel to actually DRY YOU. Sorry. My bitch session for the week. Small point. Fixing the absorbency of bath towels isn't going to feed the hungry, but if I can't whine about the problem here, where, then, can my cries be heard?