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What is Hanging Behind Your Altar?

Well, it's finally time to turn my gaze in the other direction and address an issue that breaks my heart when I see it within the big C Church. I see it as an issue that is only going to get worse as the election season continues. What I say next, I say out of love. I promise not to be a dick about it. But it needs to be said. Jesus spent his ministry decrying politics - not politics outside the religious system of the day, but inside. In fact, as far as any political power systems surrounding or affecting the Jewish culture, he invariably reacted with, "Give to Caeser what is Caeser's and give the rest to God." Politics in the world outside of God's Kingdom, repressive  or  necessary as it might be under various circumstances, was and is something to accept and even respect at times. Politics  inside  God's Kingdom, well, Jesus' opinion on this got him crucified. That was the long game, of course, but there can be NO disagreement that while he walked amon

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