Day 46 (I think) - GTO, Carmen and a Reprieve from the Angry Left and Right

Day 38 - Some Good Stuff Coming Out of All This

Day 34 - What I Miss, and What's Been Going On

Day 29 - Easter, Good News and the Meaning of Love

Day 22 - Grizzly Bears and Puppets

Day 20 - Onward and Upward

Day 18 - The Darkness in Making Plans For Your Own Death, and the Light That Doing So Brings

We Interrupt These Rants for a Distraction: A New Sci-Fi Movie Review: ANIARA (2019)

Day 16 - Dark Threads and Dinosaurs

Day 15 - Bowler Hats and Rain Clouds

Day 14 - Writing and Elephants and Puppets, Oh My

Day 9 in the Bubble Trying to Hide in a Corner