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Movies in Review, Part 1: 2022 Movies

2022 was quite a year for me, as far as movie-watching. I'd say movie- going but these days getting out to the theater in time (for any film that actually deigned to come to the cinema at all) has been problematic. Granted, with so many kids about my home, it's tough to get away but only a few great films were even released to the theaters, rather than directly to a streaming platform. Even for the exceptions, they didn't stay long. All of this, of course, is a ripple effect of the pandemic. I was nevertheless pleasantly surprised how often I went to the movie theater, especially at the beginning of '22. I had quite a few favorite movies released last year. Some that I enjoyed but didn't make it to the 'favorites' list. There were also some real dogs and/or films I simply did not connect with. I decided not to "pick a winner" here either. Honestly, if I labeled them as a "favorite" then it's a winner for me, and each is unique in h

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