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Dan is the Bram Stoker-nominated author of Plague of Darkness, Solomon’s Grave, and the critically-acclaimed Margaret's Ark. Writing as G. Daniel Gunn, he released Destroyer of Worlds and the novella (written with L.L.Soares) Nightmare in Greasepaint (Samhain Publishing),. His short stories have appeared in Cemetery Dance, Shroud Magazine, Apex Digest and many more. He and his family live in New England.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Amazing New Anthology Out Now!

My zombie story "Two Fish To Feed The Masses" is now appearing in an amazing charity anthology called RAGE AGAINST THE NIGHT, edited by Shane Jiyaiya Cummings, and featuring not only my story, but stories from Stephen King, Peter Straub, Jonathan Maberry and dozens of others. All to raise money for writer Rocky Wood. See the blurb below for more info and click here for your copy:
"Under the onslaught of supernatural evil, the acts of good people can seem insignificant, but a courageous few stand apart. These brave men and women stand up to the darkness, stare it right in the eye, and give it the finger. These are the stories of those who rage against the night, stories of triumph, sacrifice, and bravery in the face of overwhelming evil.
"All proceeds will be donated to Rocky Wood, author and President of the Horror Writers Association, who is battling motor neurone disease."
The full table of contents (in order of appearance) is:
· The Gunner's Love Song—Joe McKinney
· Keeping Watch—Nate Kenyon
· Like Part of the Family—Jonathan Maberry
· The Edge of Seventeen—Alexandra Sokoloff
· The View from the Top—Bev Vincent
· Afterward, There Will Be a Hallway—Gary A. Braunbeck
· Following Marla—John R. Little
· Magic Numbers—Gene O'Neill
· Tail the Barney—Stephen M. Irwin
· The Nightmare Dimension—David Conyers
· Roadside Memorials—Joseph Nassise
· Dat Tay Vao—F. Paul Wilson
· Constitution—Scott Nicholson
· Mr. Aickman's Air Rifle—Peter Straub
· Agatha's Ghost—Ramsey Campbell
· Blue Heeler—Weston Ochse
· Sarah's Visions—Chelsea Quinn Yarbro
· More Than Words—David Niall Wilson
· Chillers—Lisa Morton
· Changed—Nancy Holder
· Dead Air—Gary Kemble
· Two Fish to Feed the Masses—Daniel G. Keohane
· Fenstad's End—Sarah Langan
· Fair Extension—Stephen King
· Rocky Wood, Skeleton Killer—Jeff Strand

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Margaret's Ark Kindle FREE for next few days

Hi, everyone - For next 4 days the Kindle version of Margaret's Ark is FREE (part of a special promotion Amazon is running).

Check it out and if you haven't bought it yet, this would be a great time - aside from being free it'll also bump up the book's ranking on Amazon (under "free books" as I type this it's almost broken the 200 mark) and be a great promotional tool. Get the rest of the world to notice it. :-)


Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Destroyer of Worlds - Coming January 2012

Corey Union's world is about to end.

Around every corner and in every shadow lurk the inevitable signs of the coming doomsday.

He moves his wife and daughter to a new home, safely nestled in the woods… but nothing is what it seems in this man’s world.
Elderly sociopath Hank Cowles and his little dog take a deadly interest in the Union family.
Beautiful recluse Vanessa believes she is Corey's only chance for survival, even if saving the man means destroying his family, and his sanity, forever.

Destroyer of Worlds, coming next month in paperback and ebook.... stay tuned

Thursday, December 01, 2011

What's been going on?

Well, I began National Novel Writing Month (NANOWRIMO) in earnest, hoping to make a short 50K word novel out of my short story "Two Fish To Feed The Masses", but life, and my slowly-dying writer's block got in the way and didn't get far. However, I liked what I saw and think my next novel will still be, FEED THE MASSES, so yea: I'm going to write a Zombie novel. What will come of it, I don't know. Not much in the way of responsive publishers out there these days. There are a few publishers left, just none that ever reply to any correspondance. :-)

Which brings me to what I did do the rest of November: finished final edits on my novel DESTROYER OF WORLDS, which I guess is a way of returning to my pure horror roots. This one is dark, but pretty kick-ass if I do say so. I even have a cover for it. Will I release it under the Other Road Press moniker? Probably, since - see above non-responsive industry. But if I hope to sell more than a couple dozen copies, I'll need to really hunker down and market it. It's got a wider audience, being more convential horror, so we'll see.

So, more on that as I try to get this blog updated more often. And try to get my muse back into friggin' action so she doesn't wail in despair from the cellar of my brain while I procrastinate cleaning the bathroom instead of writing. Down, foul laziness, up, strong writing muse, rise from the ashes.