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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

87% on Worlds in Yellow

Went dark for a week to give my brother's MS Walk notice (below) some room. Had a great time at Necon recently, though 4 days and it felt like it flew by and still, with only 200 attendees, didn't get enough time with everyone. Still, it was good to be home and hug the family. :-)

Worlds in Yellow... trying this title again... I like it, just wish it looked better on the page... coming along well, though.

On the home front, we decided to try attending another non-denominational church on Sunday in the next town. The sermon was great, but aside from that the entire service consisted of 6 contemporary Christian songs (which I think are great for services, mind you, in moderation) in a row. This is the second time we've hit something like this. Now, the Catholic church is a bit over-structured in my opinion, relying too heavily on ritual and tradition, and has drifted too far from its original foundation (hence the need for reformist, protestant denominations), but at least they know enough to break things up a bit. A couple of songs in the beginning would be good, then do something else, go back to the music, etc... 6 songs in a row waters down their effect on worship, in my humble opinion. Ah, well, maybe I'm being too picky.

This is one of the things that turned us off when we visited the non-denom church in our own town, but at least they kept it to 4 songs up front, then they had other content like scripture readings before getting to the sermon. In retrospect I guess it was pretty good. I do have a problem with the one in town, for a few reasons I won't bother to blog. But we should give the church we went to Sunday another try - something too new needs to be experienced a few times for any truly subjective decision. And Tom Morin's a good preacher The spirit was in there, which counts for a lot. And I don't want to start window-shopping, which I sense is starting. There's no such thing as the perfect church, I suppose. But I've gotten too disillusioned with the Catholic church, try as I might to stay with them, mostly for the rest of the family. But there's so much to learn and experience in our faith, and to be honest, the only thing keeping me at our current church is the ability to teach religious education for 16 weeks to the high school kids and show them their faith from a different perspective. But at what cost?

Church shouldn't be a place drag ourselves to simply because it's where we've always gone and the people are familiar. I want us to enjoy ourselves when we're there, feel close to God, LEARN about our faith, not drift off because the same things are being said. Though I do wish the non-denominational churches did Communion more often. Should be a priority (I don't mean make it the center of worship, the way the CC does, but a part of it, an important part).

Anyway, a bit of a theological aside. We'll probably alternate weeks at each, for the kids - and us - to be able to see which one is right. In the end it's Jan & my decision, but they're not birds, can't just push them out of the nest. OK, OK... back to writing....


Tuesday, July 24, 2007

3 Days . 50 Miles . Closer to a Cure!!!!

From my brother Paul Keohane:

Hi, everyone -

As you know, for the past 4 years, I have participated in a very special event in the fight against Multiple Sclerosis. Each year, myself and hundreds of other dedicated individuals, lace up our sneakers and take to the streets and bike paths of Cape Cod, hoping to make a difference in the lives of those with MS. Each year, we proudly take on our 50 mile, 3-Day challenge.

Rejoining me this year is my inspirational sister Anne. She is currently oiling and tuning up her hand-pedaled sports bike, ready to take her battle with MS to the Cape. Entering her 3rd year, she will continue to be a source of inspiration to us walkers as well to those who share her physical challenges.

Also returning to our Wheels and Heels Against MS team is my brother-in-law Gene, who, along with the rest of his Harley crewmates, will patrol the routes, making sure we stay safe and motivated.

This year's challenge walk starts on Friday, September 7th and we can't wait to get started!! But before we hit the streets, we turn to you once again and ask for your generosity. Our team goal for this year is $11,000 and, with your help, we know we can make it. The proceeds we raise for this event go towards funding vital research and the many wonderful programs that are offered by the National MS Society.

To help us reach our goal, there are several ways you can help:

* Go to our team URL and click on one of our names to sponsor us.

* Mail myself or Anne a check, payable to The National MS Society. Our
addresses are:

Paul Keohane
2 Jillian Rose Dr
Oxford, Ma. 01540

Anne Murphy
16 Kenneth Lane
Tewksbury, MA 01876

If you know of others who would like to contribute to this great cause, please pass along my letter to them. Any help we receive from them would be so greatly appreciated.

Thank you so much for your support and your generous contributions to this cause!!

If you would like additional information about Multiple Sclerosis or the MS Society, you can contact them directly at 1-800-FIGHT-MS or on line at

Love to all,

- Paul Keohane

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Necon bound, Wound up 54%

For the past couple of months I've been plagued with the adult writer's version of the old "back to school" dreams we all have. You know, the kind where you are back at high school/college/elementary school wearing only your underwear (or in my wife's case, not wearing any socks... that's just so cute <g>), and everyone has done the assignment over the summer but you, though it doesn't matter because you can't find your classroom? Everyone has them, I suppose. But Thursday begins my 8th consecutive year attending the amazing writers conference Necon (, where a limit of 200 attendees, all, for the most part, writers of some sort, or artists, get together, attend panels, eat hot dogs, play mini golf (and fall under the crushing weight of my talent when they do), play softball, drink (to varying degrees) and, most importantly, talk about the craft/business/insanity of writing - horror in particular - for 4 days. So, beginning in late spring, I begin to have dreams where I arrive and everyone has a schedule and are doing the Necon jig, and I'm wandering around, trying to find out where I'm supposed to be, and for some reason my shoes are always untied (any psychoanalysts out there who can tell me what that means?). As I get closer, I'm able to interact with my fellow scribes a little more, but everyone hates me, or thinks I'm an idiot and ignores me. It’s the old back to school, why aren't I popular like Sally Everyone (or Sam Everyone in my case), self conscious drivel. Still, when the day comes when I, Stephen Dorato, Lauran (L.L.) Soares and Laura Cooney pull into the campus in my haggard mini-van, I'm Mr. Sunshine and Everybody's Friend. But, I suppose part of my pre-Necon dread stems from the fact that every year I hope to arrive and see one of my books in the goodie bags (we get goodie bags), to become one of the many Necon Regular Breaks Through people. Some day. Looking forward to it, though. Hopefully everyone will be nice to me.

Things are pretty stagnant on the book-selling front. My European agent Cristine is at least answering my emails. Aside from that, I've set up a Publisher's Marketplace page ( to tout my wares as well, see if there's any interest I can garner. It was through here a couple of years back that I got in contact with my agent and even a Russian publisher, so who knows....

Wound, the latest of my Working Titles, has passed the halfway mark today at lunch, for the second draft, 54% to be precise. Coming along nicely. Still enjoying what I wrote, which is a good thing. Probably won't stick to this title, since half the people will think it's "wownd" and the other half "woond". Though both work (the "wownd" works because one of the thingies in the story is a clock, and "woond" works because of the underlying theme to the whole book). Still... It looks cool.


Monday, July 09, 2007

42% on the Road to Three

Yea, OK, making steady progress on the second draft, not the lightening fast progress I'd hoped for, but summer brings with it its own set of distractions. Still, after lunch today - even after a Wal-Mart stop for new camping gear - managed to give the progress meter a shove up to 45%. My goal is to pass the halfway point by the end of the week.

I put Solomon and Margaret up on Publisher's Marketplace the other day. My page is one of the most-viewed today, which is nice. Maybe Sarah and/or Cristina will get some interest in the work. Why don't you pop in and bump my viewer count up a little? It's at (and of course, when you do, you'll learn who Solomon, Margaret, Sarah and Cristina are, if you don't already know).

I recently sent out a long overdue newsletter, covering what's been happening over the past 8 months since the last one. I've been so into posting on this blog I've been remiss in doing that. Anyhow, if you click the 'newsletter' option on the sidebar menu next to this post, you can find how to sign up for it - though if you read this blog I don't suppose the newsletter's going to tell you anything new.

OK, gotta to do camp pick up. Until next week...

Monday, July 02, 2007

chasing Jonah

It's funny how much I'd laid the groundwork as a Christian novelist over the past few years that in a few corners I'm still considered as such, though I've never sold anything to the CBA market and have turned my attention, for the time being at least, back to the secular world (writing wise). Still, sometimes I feel like Jonah running in my own, frenzied direction, but someone's catching up behind me with hand outstretched saying.... but probably not. I've always had the feeling that when it comes to this writing gig, I'm on my own.

Anyway, one such case is a new Christian-horror themed web magazine called Fear and Trembling ( A while back they contacted me for an interview and have just released their new issue online, and the interview is in it. I was pretty honest with them, on how I see the market these days, especially for horror. I think it came out pretty well. It's an interesting site, hopefully they go far with it.

As of the end of lunch today, the second draft of Nurse Charles' Revenge is a fraction away from being a third done (32.8 % or something like that). For those of you visiting this blog for the first time, that's not the title. Haven't come up with one yet. Coming along nicely, but I think I might take a few days off once the second draft is complete so I can get to a few revisions I've been meaning to get to for a couple of short stories, so I can send them back out to market, then return to draft 3. Revisions on this second draft have actually been easier than I expected. Maybe I'm simply getting used to the pain, but I suppose the more books you write the cleaner the first drafts become ("cleaner" being a relative term, they're still unreadable as manuscripts).