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Dan is the Bram Stoker-nominated author of Plague of Darkness, Solomon’s Grave, and the critically-acclaimed Margaret's Ark. Writing as G. Daniel Gunn, he released Destroyer of Worlds and the novella (written with L.L.Soares) Nightmare in Greasepaint (Samhain Publishing),. His short stories have appeared in Cemetery Dance, Shroud Magazine, Apex Digest and many more. He and his family live in New England.

Friday, March 22, 2013

An Oasis of Pleasant Humor and Cigar Smoke

One of the first people I met at my very first Necon (a horror artist/writers conference in RI) back in 2000 was this shag-haired bearded man named Rick Hautala. A fantastic writer - and I'm sure there are plenty of other posts and honorariums discussing his work elsewhere - he was also a fantastic man. Laid back, to the point a few years back when I swear he stayed in one spot the entire weekend casually drinking scotch and smoking cigars. For him, and the rest of us, Necon was vacation. A time to hang out with like-minded souls and talk about nothing but writing. I would search him out every summer and try to spend some time hanging out and talking with him about everything. It was funny, everyone else did the same thing, whether he was alone or sitting with his uber-cool wife, writer Holly Newstein (they met at Necon), people would search for him and do what I did. Just spend time with him. He was kind to everyone he met, never judged, never put himself over or under anyone else. Welcoming, and funny. Rick loved to laugh, and loved it when the people he was with laughed along. Aside from a few, very enjoyable events outside of the con when I hung out with Rick and others, Necon was the place he'd be. And if with such limited contact I'm sitting here mourning him and writing this less than a day after his sudden death at the too young age of 64, I can only imagine with a very heavy heart how hard his absence will be to those who were privelaged to be called his closest friends. I'm going to miss you Rick. Be well.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Wicked Pitch

Amanda & I visited the open house at UMass today a couple of weeks ago. Most of it was a bit dry (tough to be very specific, I suppose, when a couple thousand people are there to learn about a couple dozen different studies). The very end was great, talking 1-1 with one of the heads of the school Amanda's looking at. And the very beginning, as we shuffled into the monstrous hall for the beginning of the above-mentioned dry speeches and got to hear an amazing acapella group, Wicked Pitch

That's about as far as I got with my post from two weeks ago, then I stopped... Brother Paul said, days later, "Hey, what happened to your Post Every Day committment?" (literally, my brother, Paul, not a traveling monk who came by Nathan-like to scold me for my sins...)

Yea, I know. I simply lost steam, decided what the heck was I writing, where was I going? Maybe I'd said everything. Dunno. Something stopped me.

I'm back now. I won't promise I'll have something to say every day. But hopefully I'll start moving forward with somehting, one Talent at a time. But that statement's for another time....

Saturday, March 02, 2013

Whew..... still more to come but time to sleep, perchance etc

Yea, going to have a really brief one tonight, but I said I'd post every day for the rest of Lent so here I am, 10:43 at night, exhausted. The Mission Market at New England Chapel was fun - the crowds (I guess, according to others, since this was my first) were much lower than usual (I guess because there was no live music this time around), so the sales were low, but overall I think we earned a little over $200 towards our trip. Overall we're not quite but almost halfway to our fundraising goal to send me, my wife Linda and daughter Amanda to Alabama in April on a missions trip. See our Alabama page for more info.

Linda couldn't make the market tonight because she the other leaders were up in NH at the Berea youth retreat, and I couldn't be more proud. Amanda's creative journals sold very well and made quite a splash. She sold half of them and our uber cool organizer Dena is going to try and sell more in the morning.

Special Shout-out to Dave and Diane Wassenar for working with us at our table all night. Thanks so much!! And to Mark O'Brien whom I just met tonight who came in early and helped me set up. And to everyone else who came by including my sister and helped out in so many ways. NEC is an amazing bunch of folk.

That's it, though. Tired and have to get up early. Going to let the dogs sleep on the bed with me tonight, since the poor things haven't seen me all night. :-)

Friday, March 01, 2013

The Power of Parsley

OK, just came back from the store where I bought (among other things) an all-purpose cleaner called "Parsley Plus"... I kid you not, this thing apparently cleans with the "Power of Parsley."

Now, I suppose if you don't cook you can't appreciate how hard it is to clean up all the little pieces of the small-leafed plants like parsley or cilantro, when they get wet, and smear and stick to YOUR FINGERS AND DRIVE ME..... but, it's not happening now, is it? Still, one never would consider parsley to be a cleaning agent. I think The Company (the big conglomerate that actually owns all the products we buy... you know, because we're living in a bubble on the moon?..)... I think The Company must be running out of new marketing ideas. Lemons, then oranges. I can see the three chain-smoking ad agents in the conference room, holding up a label-less spray bottle as they try to come up with something new, something hip, something Mr and Ms USA will just grab up. One guy, after a long silence, says, "Parsley?"

The other two shrug and mutter, "Sure," and "Whatever" because it's Friday and they want to go home.

Lesser things than this were born this way, I suppose.

But I had to buy it. Seriously, Parsley Plus Cleaner. How could I not?