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Back Home, at least...

Ruiniation and Rebirth

The Path to Solomon's Grave, Part 2

A Letter to Turtle Sums Up Everything

The Path to Solomon's Grave, Part 1

Honorable Mention in YBF&H

Aunt Eileen Duddy

My most recent Newsletter

38,864 and Wheels & Heels Against MS time...

Jack Haringa Must Die! and Dark Harvest


Lost in the Woods, 17,400 words and moving forward

Roger Blain

Solomon's English Language Debut, Lost in the Woods, 8000 words and counting

In honor of Kill Jack Haringa On Your Blog Day, here’s a little something....

From The Ashes....

Plagues of Locusts and Darkness, Oh My.

Woods, Plagues, Boxes and Penguins

Publisher's Weekly Review of Margaret's Ark

Margaret's Ark Needs Your Help!

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