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Dan is the Bram Stoker-nominated author of Plague of Darkness, Solomon’s Grave, and the critically-acclaimed Margaret's Ark. Writing as G. Daniel Gunn, he released Destroyer of Worlds and the novella (written with L.L.Soares) Nightmare in Greasepaint (Samhain Publishing),. His short stories have appeared in Cemetery Dance, Shroud Magazine, Apex Digest and many more. He and his family live in New England.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

...we are experiencing...

Whoops, the week got away from me. I'll allow this one transgression, since it was Christmas. And since it's already Thursday, I'll just wait and cover both weeks in one shot before the weekend's out... sorry....

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Storms and Melting Slivers of Ice

OK, once again I make it to bedtime Sunday before I can post, sorry.

Didn't feel like a huge volume writing-wise. Did a couple of drafts further into "Ray Gun." Need to finish the on-screen edit I'm in the middle of then start printing off and paper-edit. Hopefully this week it'll get done.

Finally wrote my part of the ongoing "Deux Ex Machina" written with Ellen, Joyce, Andrew and Mom (see last week's post)... Andrew pointed out, however that I'd aged a character from 2 to somewhere around 8... so I had to modify it a bit. It's in my sister Ellen's lap now.

Got my author copies of Solomon's Grave - the Italian edition called il Segreto di Salomone. Can't read a word of it... wait... I got these week before last. Did I already say this? Anyhow, looks good. No "about the author" or photo or anything, which is probably wise if they want to sell any copies.

What I did get in the mail was the book we put together for my nephew Sean (see last week). Came out very nice - if not a little small. Still, he'll enjoy it.

Quick shout-out to Ellen and Nancy who hosted a little Christmas soire for all us brothers & sisters and in-laws etc last Friday!

OK, and though I haven't sent out a Dan News email update in a while, if you're trudging through this blog you get first dibs on the official announcement - Solomon's Grave will soon be published, next year I'm assuming but don't know for sure, in Germany, in German -- Deutsch -- by Otherworld Verlag ( They're the publisher of the German editions of Brian Keene's novels, which is pretty cool, as well as my buddy Mary Moore (aka Morven Westfield). So, that's the news. Nothing new yet on it. When I know, you'll know.

Anything else writing-wise? No... productively it didn't feel like a whole lot. Hopefully this coming week - of course it's the week before Christmas... but must keep writing.

Happy 15th birthday this weekend to my son Andrew and 12th birthday today to Amanda! We saw Eragon Friday night - they did well in keeping with the book, however they limited themselves to only an hour and a half so they skipped a lot. Still, acting-wise, overall, a 6 out of 10, not great but didn't stink like poopie, special effects an 8, writing - for what they ahd to go by and time limitations a 7, I guess.

Anyway... well, no, too late in the evening to wax poetically about my life, I'm afraid. Maybe another time. Been running through quite a large variety of things to say, doing this has been very cathartic, but I should go.... sometimes it feels we're so sequestered along in this Big Bad World that we think no one would be interested in out little corner anyway, and for the most part no one's really interested in my little corner of our little corner of this Big Bad World. Everything that I was, I am no longer, what I want is obviously not in the Big Plan, I suppose, but who knows? I've never been a patient man in some ways, too patient in others. I'm a melting sliver of ice in someone else's drink and sometimes I just feel like shouting out my right to live before I'm swallowed up...

Weather's been clear this week. Of course, it's early in the month. Strange weather, mid-forties, upper fifties today. New England in December. But calm skies. I've decided that weather is fairly predictable, though, like those storms that start raging in off the Atlantic in the late summer, early fall, smack Florida upside the head now and then. If it becomes predictable, then it can be dealt with, no?

Where was I? No idea.

Good night.

Friday, December 08, 2006

If a Tree Falls, Who Hears It, and in the End, Does it Matter?

OK. A lot of jagged little pills in the road to literary fame this week, but I managed a few key things:

First off, finished my nephew's book for Christmas. Janet edited it, and I made the changes, having to modify the ending. It's still pretty cute, though, but at least now it's more technically accurate - that is, if you understand Pokemon physiology. Janet finished the cover. The whole thing came out pretty nice (see prior entry for more details) - on screen at least. I used to package it as a paperback book. Problem was, minimum page count for the binding is 100pp, and the book was only 52 (big font, small pages). At Herself's suggestion, I added extra pages to the end with lines so Sean can write his own story after. Ordered a printed copy of Sean and Ash vs The Robot!, now we wait....

Finished the 3rd draft of "Ray Gun" today at lunch. Still a bit long, though. About 5300 words. Need to trim it down, but I've got about 4 or 5 more drafts to do it so still in good shape.

I'm late, however, with another bit of writing. My son Andrew reminded me my 3 weeks are up to write my part of a multi-author round robin story written by me, my sister Ellen, her friend Joyce, Andrew and my mom (Marilyn). I'm going to have to apologize profusely to everyone, but I should really finish Ray Gun more before switching gears. Makes my brain hurt. The story - called "Dues ex Machina" is coming along quite nicely. Mom threw us a curve in her last entry, but I know what I'm going to write, though. Just have to do it....

Oh, and I got my author copies of the Italian edition of Solomon's Grave (il Segreto di Salomone). Hardcover, full color cover embossed. Nice looking book. Don't know how it came out, since I don't read Italian, but, still.... it's a good start. Life can be interesting. I wonder if anyone's reviewed it?...

One country down.... more coming soon. Germany - but looks like it might be another week or so until I can make the official announcement (unless they do on their site, then all bets are off). There were some valid contract issues which have been brought up and corrected and are being sent back to Italy, then to me in the US for Ye 'Ol Initials... we have time, though. Patience, young padawan.

My yard has a lot of trees that have fallen. It'll take time to clean them up, use them for something productive, like warming the house. They fall every now and then. Sometimes we hear them, sometimes we don't. The woods are full of surprises, but if it's where you live, you handle it. And we will. One tree, one branch at a time. Now that winter's coming, having enough firewood is important, having enough heat to sit back together and enjoy each other's company is important. Probably the most important thing in the world. There are five of us. There has to be enough wood for all of us. And there is, or there will be, once we tackle some more of those trees....

We watched a couple of movies recently. The Red Violin - watched over a few nights - excellent, excellent film. Not sure if it's foreign or not, I think so, French, but there's also English, German, Italian.... definitely turn on subtitles for this one, the languages change pretty quickly. The only "name" in the movie is a very refined Samuel L Jackson, and though he was quite good in the overall story arc, everyone was brilliant. In flashbacks, it details the history of a particular violin through generations. Brilliant Film.

Also - Janet got me a set of Film Noir movies for our anniversary in October (our 18th, if you're curious). This weekend we watched The Long Night starring Henry Fonda. 1947. Another great movie. Usually dark, murky films in B&W can be hard to watch late at night when you have three kids and need to go to bed soon, but this kept our interest. Another flashback film, but well acted, and great sets. Highly recommended.

On the telly, Heroes continues to amuse us, intelligent if a bit left-field, but fun, especially the tale surrounding Hiro, the time-bending Japanese gentleman and his buddy. "Save the cheerleader, Save the world....". And of course, The Dead Zone continues to be well-written and acted, very King-ish, and fun to watch (Netflix, season 2 currently). We're hoping come 2007 that Lost gets its act together. The brilliant series has been floundering a bit lately. Maybe if they didn't kill off so many of the best characters this season it would have a chance... still, lots of talent remaining who've been all but ignored this season.... it's such a great show, it's worth doing, just use them, folks, use them....

Time to go. No karate tomorrow. Now that the high school religion class I teach (and Andrew attends, though he has a different teacher) is done until February, he can go to the Monday ha-yah classes... nice to be able to sleep in tomorrow.... still, lots to do, lots to do... how's that line go? Miles to go before I sleep.... miles to go....

Sunday, December 03, 2006

A Man of His Word Says What?

Ok, so a promise is a promise - as long as we make this rule: if I say Friday, that could mean any time up until bedtime Sunday. Welcome to my bed. I snore, and thrash, so be warned. Since not a whole lot has changed since my most recent Grand Entrance, I won't linger long.

To the writing:

Finished the revisions I'd wanted to make to "Living by the Highway" and sent it out finally. Thanks to Nick Mamatas (if that was you) for the suggestions. I still think this'll make a great prologue for a new novel....

Finished first draft of new story "Ray Gun." This has been started before, with a young boy as main character (heretofore abbreviated as MC), felt wrong, halfway through I scrapped it and made the MC an eighty-five year old man - named him Hank Cowles - Hank and his wife Phyllis were MC's in my very first novel (said novel currently on cinderblocks in the back yard but someday... someday...), but characters from the book keep making cameos everywhere - especially Herr and Frau Cowles. Hank's a foul-mouthed octogenarian who discovers something wondrous and deadly... anyway, finished the draft Saturday, working on the revisions. This story - here I go again, Michelle :-) - really kicks ass, if I do say so.

Janet read through my draft of the story I wrote for my nephew, I need to enter her suggestions in. Andrew, Amanda and Audrey have done their illustrations - Janet did a rough draft but hers is going to be the cover so she wants to do it again. Hopefully we'll be done tomorrow... Christmas is looming...

OK, on the novel front - the news about Germany needs to wait until the next entry. The editor got the contract from my agent in France, but I haven't gotten the official word yet - so next time I'll give all the yadda yadda on it.

Anything else before I turn off the light and go to sleep....? Nope. Lots of things coming up this week to try and attack my writing time - I'm going to need to be creative. I didn't work out much last week, ever time I tried I was floored by these very bizarre headaches. Hopefully that won't happen this week. I've actually managed to build up some actual form, and it's all going to seed soon if I don’t get off my butt - or my head in this case. Speaking of which, the pony tail's back, hair creeping over the shoulder, but it's going to all get hacked off.. well, most of it... tomorrow probably. Another midlife crisis averted.

...until the end of the week, be good.