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Friday, October 17, 2014

Billy Finds a Good Home

OK, so big news: the novella, written under my pseudonym G Daniel Gunn (who's been quite busy lately!), "Nightmare in Greasepaint", with my buddy and Bram Stoker-winning author L.L. Soares, has been accepted for publication by Samhain Publishing's Horror line as part of their Childhood Fears novella anthology series edited by the legendary Don D'Auria. The novella will be published in May 2015 as an individual ebook release then together with three others in a special print anthology next October. More as things develop. Below is the official press release:

International publisher Samhain Publishing today announced that executive editor for Samhain Horror Don D’Auria has selected authors for the second Samhain Horror anthology. The anthology, titled Childhood Fears, will be published in two parts.

First, the four individual novellas will be published as ebooks in May, 2015.
Then, all four novellas will be combined for print and will be published in trade paperback in October, 2015. This is the same model of release used for Samhain Horror’s highly successful Gothic horror anthology collection, What Waits In The Shadows, which was published in 2014.

The anthology call for submissions was once again very popular among horror authors. Out of more than one hundred submitted works, the four selected manuscripts are:

Nightmare in Greasepaint, by L.L. Soares and G. Daniel Gunn 
Scarecrows, by Christine Hayton
The Bear Who Wouldn't Leave, by Holli Moncrieff
Winterwood, by J.G. Faherty

“We were excited to receive so many excellent submissions for this second anthology call at Samhain Horror, resulting in four remarkable tales of horror from the depths of childhood memories and fears,” says D’Auria. “In addition to welcoming back author J.G. Faherty, we are proud to introduce authors Christine Hayton, Holli Moncrieff, and L.L. Soares and G. Daniel Gunn as new Samhain authors.”

To learn more about this title and all Samhain Horror books, and to order books at a special discounted rate, visit the publisher online at http://www.samhainhorror.com.

About Samhain Publishing

Samhain Publishing® is an international publisher of ebook and traditional print fiction, whose diverse array of titles include all genres of romance fiction, award-winning horror fiction, and Retro Romance® fiction—a program which enables previously print-only titles to reach a new e-reading audience. An acknowledged expert in digital publishing since its founding in 2005, Samhain is dedicated to ensuring extraordinary stories reach every reader.

Monday, October 06, 2014

New Dan News

I sent this out to my newsletter list. If you're interesting in getting email newsletter updates, just click the "Email Dan" link at the right...!

Hi, everyone. Yea, this newsletter is still around, though it's been - what - 3 years since the last one? Facebook has made me lazy. Not even sure how up-to-date some of the emails are. But, sending this out because I actually have news, believe it or not!

1. Plague of Darkness, a new novel, coming soon
2. Talk and Signing at Tewksbury Public library tomorrow night
3. Pre-Orders being taken for new anthology, Madhouse, with a new short story of mine
4. Reading/Signing in Princeton October 28th
5. Down the road a little

1. My newest novel, Plague of Darkness, a long time in coming, will soon be released. It may be as soon as next month.I'll send an update once it's available

2. I'll be at the Tewksbury Public Library tomorrow night, Tuesday, October 7th, from 7:00 - 9:00PM, along with nine other members of the New England Horror Writers, as part of the library's first annual Merrimack Valley Horror Author Fair (it is October, after all). We'll each spend a few minutes talking about our writing then meet & greet at the table and sign some books. Refreshments & door prizes abound. Tewksbury Public Library: 300 Chandler St, Tewksbury, Massachusetts 01876

3. I have a new short story, "My Dearest Gwendolyn," written under my pseudonym G. Daniel Gunn, appearing in an upcoming anthology called MADHOUSE. This anthology is quite unique and is shaping to be quite the event. There is an over-arching story of a remote asylum in the desert where a John Doe begins to speak after decades of silence, beginning a plague of madness that begins spreading throughout the hospital. Interspersed through the main arc are stories written by other authors which stand alone but also add to the overall storyline. The illustrations alone are enough to give you nightmares.
    Madhouse is currently up for pre-order at various levels, from $1 for a simple PDF copy to paperbacks, signed hardcovers, even deals where you can also be included as a character in a story. It's a pretty clever way of doing it. Check it out, some of the special deal are already sold out. Visit https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/madhouse-a-shared-world-horror-anthology for pre-ordering information and all the information on the anthology and the authors involved.

4. On Tuesday, October 28th, I'll be doing a reading and signing, likely from Plague of Darkness as well as other writings, and tasting wine at The Thirsty Lab, 206 Worcester Road, in Princeton MA. They do a special wine-tasting event the last Tuesday of every month where they bring in local authors to do readings of their work, interspersed with tastings of wine, cheese and craft beers. Last month the speaker was local poet Claire Golding. Since this month's October, it's my turn. :) Come on down (or up, to mountain country) for what should be a fun, interesting time.

5. OK, that's it. Sorry it's been so long. As you can see, things have started up again after a too-long hiatus. There should be news about another reading/signing in Worcester at Annie's Book Stop sometime in November. In the meantime, I'm trying to be heads down on the next book, the long overdue sci-fi novel called Plague of Locusts. I might try my hand (again) at NaNoWriMo as well next month. If I do, might just put on my Gunn hat and write a zombie novel.

As always, if you'd like to be taken off this list, just let me know. Not a problem at all.


Tuesday, September 23, 2014

MADHOUSE Anthology Coming Soon - Pre-Orders Available!

So I was asked to write a story for a shared-world anthology - basically a collection of stories from different authors based on a common theme or over-arching storyline. In this case, a madness that spreads through a remote asylum, person to person, trapping people inside while a monstrous sandstorm rages towards them. The anthology has become this amazing blend of written and visual creepidom, and it is officially open for pre-orders with some major perks if you do.

"My Dearest Gwendolyn" is a fun addition to the storyline, I think, and will be included closer to the end of the anthology because that's roughly where I set the piece. It's also under my pseudonym, G. Daniel Gunn, the name I've been using lately for my straight horror pieces.

     Click Here for a Full Description and Pre-Order Information

There's a great line-up of authors, some quite well known alongside some newer names. It's going to be published through Dark Regions Press.

MADHOUSE is up for Preorder now at the above link, with some amazing special deals for those wanting to grab a copy ahead of time. Definitely check this out, it's become something of an event now.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

One Plague to Another

Been a long time since I've posted anything on my writing. But I hadn't been writing much these past few years, transitions, finding a new rhythm to Life, and all that.

After many years of putting it aside, many yellow sticky notes and theme & plot reassessments, Plague of Darkness, which was first conceived eleven years ago during a 40th anniversary mass at my old church and which slowly took shape over what seems like a lifetime (a lot has happened in the last 11 years, including a way-too early version of the novel being published in Germany) I can honestly say it's done, and it is pretty cool. Dark, but I think pretty original.

While I debate publishing options (remembering the literal years of hearing back from every major publisher about Margaret's Ark with praises for the story but eventual decline to publish because they didn't know how to market it, what genre it was - so finally decided these types of books might do better through my own publishing efforts... which they have), I've picked back up the next, partially-written (but fully outlined) book in the Plague series, loose as the series is since the books have nothing to do with each other: Plague of Locusts. This one is science fiction, not suspense/horror - though hopefully it is suspenseful. I really, really like the characters in it and it's been fun jumping back into their worlds (three of them, in fact). So far, 26,000 words down. I've been going through the chapters and editing, mostly to train my muse to the voices and the rhythms of the narrative since I've been so long away from this one. Tomorrow I'll be sitting down to write the first new words (aka Chapter 22) added to the manuscript since I first conceived the idea - again, years ago.

On the horror front, I'll be posting on this blog, and FB and Twitter (yea, I really need to use these venues more) some exciting news about the pre-order launch of a new shared-world anthology, called Madhouse. It features my story "My Dearest Gwendolyn" (under my dark twin's pseudonym G. Daniel Gunn) and it's pretty cool. I share the pages with some other awesome writers. More on that to come, very soon.

Here's to more writing news on these pages and, more importantly, the pages of my word processor. :)

Thursday, August 07, 2014

Wheels and Heels Against MS, 2014!

From my brother Paul: 

On September 5 - 7, we will return to the roads and bike paths of Cape Cod for our 50-mile, 3-day journey.  As I enter my 12th year in the event and Anne her 10th, we remain steadfast and determined to celebrate the day when MS is nothing but a memory.

Multiple Sclerosis is a frightening disease that affects the central nervous system.  The symptoms may be mild (such as numbness in the limbs) or severe enough to cause blindness or paralysis. The severity and specifics of the symptoms of MS can’t yet be predicted, but advances in research and treatment are giving hope to those affected by the disease.

Each year, we have looked to you to join us in our fight.   And each year, you have answered our call and proven yourselves true heroes to our cause.  We hope that we can count on you again.  No donation is too small.

Your donations to the National MS Society not only help fund vital research, but also go towards helping those who battle this disease every day.  
As in the past, there are two ways you can donate.  

  • The fastest and most convenient way would be to visit our web site at:

and then click on mine or Anne’s name.

  • You can also mail a check to me or Anne, making it out to The National MS Society
Our addresses are:
Paul Keohane                                      Anne Murphy             
2 Jillian Rose Dr                                        13 Apache Way
Oxford, MA 01540                             Tewksbury, MA 01876

Thank you all so very much for your continued support!!

Monday, June 30, 2014


Ok, my review of TRANSFORMERS: AGE OF EXTINCTION (2014) is now up at Cinema Knife Fight.

I'd promised to review this one solo because a couple of years back I did the previous Transformers movie with Michael Arruda. Of course, by the time I needed to go see this one I was exhausted and malnourished. Long story.

I talk about it in my rather entertaining slam of a film that probably didn't deserv... well, never mind It probably did. :)

Friday, June 27, 2014

Making Movies in 48 Hours Shouldn't Be This Fun - This Year's Entry: The Running Dead!

My friend Ned Utzig has been an impassioned amateur filmmaker and is the tireless leader of Mad Ned Productions - which consists of him and his family, and a number of talented and just all-around cool people. A few years back he invited me to join his film-making posse. Every year Mad Ned Production enters the New Hampshire 48-Hour Film Project - this happens around the world all year long, on different weekends in different cities. The NH competition was this past weekend.  Here's how it works:

At 7pm on Friday every team is given a character (Alan or Alexis Fleming, this year) and his/her profession (long distance runner), a prop (this time it was an award of some sort) and a line of dialogue (“In my opinion, it’s perfect”) all of which MUST be used in some way (the more central, the better) in the film. Then each team (24 teams in NH this year) is given a genre. We got Parody/Spoof.

From 7pm Friday to 7pm that Sunday (48 Hours - hence the name) you have to write, script, film, edit and score a 4 – 7 minute film and physically hand in the DVD at a defined location. 

Wednesday night they had the screenings of all the films up in New Hampshire. It was the first time I’d seen the finished product. Ned posted the link on YouTube and I've embedded it below. Yes, I actually "act" in this one - I play the sleazy track coach who's always won in past races. Thanks again to Ned and Gloria and the entire cast and crew who spent a LOT more time this past weekend than I did on this puppy. 

Between now and next month all of the entries will be judged and the winners of the NH competition will be announced at the Best Of screenings on July 24th!