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Friday, September 22, 2006

In Whom Do You Trust?

Over this past weekend I learned that the Horror Writers Association members voted me in as one of their new trustees, along with Ellen Datlow, John Pelan and Del Howison. We join Mary San Giovanni and Steve Wedel the Trustee board (at least, I think that's all of us <g>). Basically this means we serve as an advisory board, working to reach consensus on whatever business or professional matters come up in the HWA. I'm looking forward to it - it's all done via e-mail (I hope), which makes things a lot easier. Gotta love modern technology, eh? My fellow trustees are some pretty heavy hitters in the biz, so wish me luck. I'll do my best not to suck at it.

Special thanks to fellow writer and HWA member Lauran (L.L.) Soares for twisting my arm to give it a shot. Anyway, what's the worst damage I can do in three years… yikes….


Anonymous said...


I think I need to join HWA.

Dan Keohane said...

Hi, Michelle.