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Monday, January 08, 2007

Blah Blah Blah

Hey. Well, on the writing front, decided to give "Ray Gun" one more run-through, and was glad I did. It had too many words - the Writer's Bane, as it were. Always try to say in 1 word what you've already said in 3, and the story will go much better. Anyhow, it's done - completo. I've moved it officially to my "completed" folder, and I'm in the process now of deciding where to send it. Haven't decided yet, though. The market's a bit thin these days.

The first draft of "The Bridge" was coming along nicely, but on Friday, as I began the final scene I hit a technical snag - need to work this out, then wrap up the first draft. Long way to go before it's done, of course. But redrafting's always easier than getting the pictures in my head to work out with only words on the screen.

What else, what else... nothing, I guess. It's been a while, since I started the whole novel-writing business, since I've had more than a couple of stories out there in circulation. Nice to have. A bit nostalgic. But the call of the long form is there.... taunting... ripping at my soul...

Anyway, not in the mood for waxing philosophical today, or whining and thinly veiling it as philosophical waxing... maybe next time.


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