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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

ebooks - more expensive than paperbacks!

OK, I have a Palm Tungsten E2 coming soon, finally joining the 21st century - OK, still a few years behind the times, but that's how I usually work. I'm a used car guy, too, normally. BUT... to the point of this rant. A new book is released, say in hardcover. 26 bucks or so, using King's BLAZE as an example. Now, with Palm's Palm Reader software, I should be able to buy the e-book and download it, read on my thingy. If I want to pay $17. Or, wait! How about this: Dean Koontz's THE GOOD GUY, a book I want to read, hardcover on sale at Amazon for $15 (paperback is out now I think, or coming soon - say for $9). How much if I want to download the electronic - cost-free (except royalty and profit) version? $23!!!! There is NO INVENTORY, people! No storage, shipping costs. And NO - I work with computers - there's NO COST to transmit the book. If there has to be a number, let's call it 1/1000th of a cent.

And yet...?

Of course, the conspiracy theorist in me knows the answer: the biggest chunk of the cost of a book - this is absolutely true, I haven't gotten to the conspiracy part, yet - is the $ paid to the distributor. These folks get the books out to the bookstores, supply Amazon & co. They're valuable, for printed books. They're useless for e-books, obviously, since there is no printed product. But they are the link between publisher and store. They carry a lot of weight, and are obviously using it to say: nuh-uh! You will not charge people for e-books any less than a hardcover or trade paperback, because more people will use their Palms to download them at a reasonable price, and we'll make nothing! How dare you! (of course, the publisher and author will make money...)

Downloading an audio book, READ TO YOU, by a professional, is cheaper.

Shame on you, book-making people. Shame... shame...

By the way, if you're wondering, the entity in the publishing biz who gets the smallest cut (usually under 10% of wholesale) is, you guessed it, the author who wrote the thing in the first place. Of course, we're dime a dozen - I don't mean that cynically, it's true. Even so, I WANT TO BE ONE OF THOSE... WAAAAAHHHH...

OK, gotta go. Sorry for not posting an update. I'm around 20% done with draft 2 of WORLDS IN YELLOW... or DESTROYER OF WORLDS... or THE CLOCK.... or ARMAGEDDON OUTA HERE......



Michelle Pendergrass said...

Hey, guess what?!

I've got almost 10,000 words written for the Whisky Lilacs novel!!

Dan Keohane said...

Cool... keep going.... what's that line from Star Wars.. 'Stay On Target...'
Of course, the guy who said that was eventually blown up by Darth Vader... :-)