THE END (72,600)

Thanks again for the prayers and words of support. Barbara had touched a lot of people, and it showed by the enormous outpouring of support and love this week. Our prayers now for her family.

On the writing front, I actually finished the novel, typed those wonderful last two words "THE END" last Friday. I've now begun the laborious task of working on the second draft. The second is always the most difficult, as I go - literally - word by word, sentence by sentence, and change it. On top of these obvious fixes, now that I know how the book progresses later, and ends, the beginning has a lot of changes plot-wise, subtle things I need to add, etc. I'll start giving titles for my progress based on percentage done with the second draft, I suppose. Life's gotten in the way this week, even today didn't get out at lunch to write since I have to leave early to get the girls for their check ups. Still I suppose 6% complete is better than nothing.

Some other news: the German edition of Solomon's Grave has a release date: November 2007, by Otherworld Verlag ( And we have cover art! Check this out:

If you click the Home option on the side menu here, you can click on the image and see it in more detail. It looks great! Looking forward to this (though, like the Italian edition, I won't be able to read a word of it, lol).



Congrats on finishing New Horror Novel!!!

The German cover is by far, the best. Very interesting. I like it! What do you think?
Definitely, though I liked the Italian cover, and the Russian would have been cool (if not a tad goofy) had it been published - the color especially - I simply LOVE this cover from Otherworld. It has a whole bunch of elements from the novel, combined into one image. Very, very well done.

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