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Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Smell of Movies Makes Me Happy

I picked up my daughter Audrey and her friends from the movies last night. Got there a little early and sat on a bench to read. But after a while I couldn't just sit there. This was the movies! It was opening night of New Moon, tons of people were filling every nook and corner of the place (the girls chose another film because New Moon's sold out until Thursday, believe it or not). Anyway, tons of people, smell of popcorn filling the massive hall, voices upon voices, more popcorn smell.

I walked around, relishing in the air of all of this, mixed with bad hot dogs and second-mortgage pizza slices and steady hiss of soda being foaming into cups.

On the walls, massive marquees, movie posters from King Kong, Casablanca. For some ridiculous reason every slot for modern films were promoting the upcoming Alice in Wonderland... I mean, come on, leave some for the next guy.... anyway, I wandered around, looked and smelled and experienced an environment which has such a connection to my past, so many memories of growing up. The good kind I mean. Going with Kevin and Brian and others to see Star Wars (the original) 29 times. I still remember, fondly, when I was a junior at Bentley. One night, after trying to convince everyone to come see this new movie that just came out with no luck (no one was interested because the title just sounded too dumb to bother), I went down to the Woburn Showcase and watched Raiders of the Lost Ark all by my lonesome and was blown away and had a blast (and was never the least bit lonesome)!

Been wanting to go to the movies for a while now - I'm having withdrawals, maybe go see Where The Wild Things Are... seems going to the movies as in the past doesn't look like is going to happen for a while. Still, maybe I'll just go alone... I've done it before. And why not? It makes me happy, makes a lot of people happy, and how can it not? It's the movies! So much more I can talk about in this world within a world. Maybe I'll make it a recurring theme. Return to the place on occasion, as I'm always want to do. Still, I need to write the Monkey Story and there's bound to be some writing-related news, but now and then, maybe we can go back to the movies and shoot the shit some more about it.

OK, ok, that's about 6 ending sentences without actually ending it... sorry.... I'll stop..... now

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