In Honor of Kill Brian Keene on Your Blog Day

"I just want a piece of him, of Greatness!"

"There he is. There’s so many friggin’ people around him, though. You see, that’s why he’s so cool: he's so approachable, not like some writers..."

"Come on, before it's too late...."

* * *

"Thanks. I'm glad. You know I have other books..."

"...when it chewed its way out of her belly..."

"(laughs) yea, thanks. Did you read..."

"Now I knew he didn't shoot the kid at the end when - "

"...Urban Gothic or Castaways? I mean it’s not just..."

"Excuse me, I just wanted to say - "

"Hi, Brian? Can I call you Bri-"

"I'm sorry, excuse me, I need to go to the bathr-"

"Wait, can you sign this? It's a Stephen King book, but it's basically the same story so if you signed it - "

"-oom. I will, just let me slip out for a - "

"...touch you, just your sleeve, or - "

"Out of my way, bugger, I was talking to him first."

"Everyone, please give Mr. Keene some room so he can breathe. You, hey, ah! Shit, you bit me!"

"Don't get between me and my man. Brian, can I call you Brian, too, can you lick my scar?"

"After I pee, please. Just let me.. Joe? You OK? Hey! Get off of him! Get off of me!"

"Just one question, where do you - "

"- Get your ideas?"

"- come up with such cool zombies?"

"- make love, and when, and how?"

"You look so yummy."

"Get off me. There's too many of me - um, what did you say? Ouch!"

"Brian, run! Geggrrphhhhh..."

"Jo - gah! Get... away... from... me."

"See my eyes I can hardly - "

"Ow! Stop! There's too little of me! Please, stop putting my fingers in your mouth!"


"Get the fu - aaahhhhhh!"

"Brmmmm... Runnn......"

"I can't, I can't. Stop it, please, ah, that hurt! You're pushing me against the wall. arrrghhh.. my bladder!"


"Just a taste....."

"The right thigh is mine! Get your own!"

The screams were subdued by the low acoustics of the conference facility. More people came, seeing the crowds, not knowing what they would see, but certain it must be good, so good, and they hungered for more.....

* * *
Brian Keene is being killed off today in a number of blogs throughout the world. If you are enjoying watching him being sent to the Great Beyond today, perhaps you'd consider making a donation to the Shirley Jackson Awards in Brian's honor. In recognition of the legacy of Ms. Jackson’s writing, and with permission of the author’s estate, the non-profit Shirley Jackson Awards have been established for outstanding achievement in the literature of psychological suspense, horror, and the dark fantastic. Please follow this think to donate. This one. Right here. And thanks!

Rest in Pieces, Brian.


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