Welcome To My Mind

I was the last person to expect to start one of these. They're called "blogs" (short for "web log" if you really want to stretch the rules for abbreviations). Still, it's worth a try, especially since this blogger place makes it so easy to keep the thing maintained.... I think. Time will tell.

In here I'll wax, whenever I have a few moments, on what's happening with writing, my faith and the recent merging of the two, about government and cheese and kids and Janet and movies and whatever springs to mind. We'll see if I can't drag the Internet so far down into the doldrums that it never recovers. I used to do something like this, years before a "blog" was ever fashionable. I think I still have some of those little nuggets of brain-vomit somewhere. I might post them now and again, call it a Keohane Classic or some such goofy-ism. :-)

I can say I'll be diligent with these, but that would be lying. Still, we'll see. Keep me honest (thankfully, they do have an edit feature – I envision myself using this often). Feel free to respond, debate, comment, ignore. Who knows? Maybe I'll be the next Peter Wiggin.



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