Just checking in...

I know, I start the blog and then don't put anything on it. Par for the course. Problem is, there's so much going on that's important, but this isn't the forum for it, and anything I would put on just feels flat in comparison.

When I re-did the look & feel of this virtual hang-out, I hadn't realized at first that my LINKS section got wiped out. Bummer. Until I figure out how to get it back, you can always visit my home page and select "Striking URL".

Well, I'll work out what should go here, soon enough, once Life shakes free of the state of flux it's fallen into, that holding pattern which sometimes crops up, leaving us standing at the end of a road checking our GPS to see which direction to head next.


Anonymous said…
Hi Daddy! It Amanda! I'm at Marissa's house and having fun with her new gunie Pigs! I hope you had a good night with mommy! Marissa will take over typing from here!

Hi Mr. Keohane! Thanks for letting Amanda come over! Bye!!!!

Maddy says Hi also. ( Maddy is Marissa's little sister.)

We are going to watch a movie so bye STUPID HEAD!!!!!
Hi, girls. Hope you had a fun sleep-over. :-)

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