Quick Dan Flash 7/7/06

Hi, everyone. Just a couple of quick notes as I head into work (aka "the day

I'm going to be a guest again on our old friend Gardner Goldsmith's talk
radio show "Against the Grain" TODAY at 12:30 pm, on WNTK Talk Radio which can be found on two dials if you live in New Hampshire: 1010 AM, and 99.7 FM. They also - I believe - have streaming on the web at

I have the covers of the Russian and Italian version of SOLOMON'S GRAVE on
my website (www.dankeohane.com). I haven't got a bigger picture of the
Russian one but click on the Italian (for which the title's been changed
slightly) for a larger image.

OK, have to run. I promise a more robust dispatch next time, but wanted to
get the WNTK note out there....

Dan Keohane


Anonymous said…
Hey Dad!

It's me Amanda and I just want to say that the lonk for schoolhouse Rock is NOT Schoolhouse Rock. It is something entirly diferent. You need a password and stuff to get in.
Hmm.. you're right. THat's weird. They must have changed the site. Ah well...

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