Chi-Zine contest results are in...

...and although I didn't win, my story made the short list of finalists,
aka the Honorable Mention list. It's the next best thing, I guess. :-) I'm trying to decide where the story, "Living by the Highway", would best be sent to next. Interesting thing about this one - years (and years...) ago, I wrote a story with this same title. It never sold, and if you ever read it you'd understand why. Still, I loved the concept that the moniker alludes to, so recently I wrote this new piece - completely different story, just the same title. It's pretty moody, more along "literary" lines than my "boom! slam! Ahhhh!" type of story. It was written over the course of many late nights in what I've recently dubbed my 'blue period". Anyhow, if you're an editor, I'd be happy to send it along.

The complete results of the Chi-Zine ( contest are as follows (the rest of this post taken from editor Brett Savory's newsletter):

1st place: "Spectral Evidence" by Gemma Files
2nd place: "Deer's Heart" by Leah Bobet
3rd place: "The Virgin Butcher" by Brenna Yovanoff Graham

Honourable Mentions:
"Seems Only Right" by Matthew F. Riley
"The End of the World, on CNN" by Sunil Sadanand
"Painting Walls in the Town of N---" by Stephanie Campisi
"Cockatrice Girl Meets Statue Boy" by Willow Fagan
"Living By the Highway" by Daniel G. Keohane
"The Confession" by Chris Miller

The rest of the top 15:
"Rat Catcher's Lane" by Jay Caselberg
"Behind the Third Door" by Fiona Coward
"The Girl in the Pond" by Robert Davies
"A Quiet Business" by M. Kate Havas
"Sherlock's Opera" by Lou Kemp
"All the Colours of the Rainbow" by Lisa A. Koosis

There were 307 submissions---the most by far in any of these contests to date, so big thanks to the judges: Ellen Datlow, Craig Davidson, Neil Gaiman, Brian Hodge, Jay Lake, and William Smith.


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