A Man of His Word Says What?

Ok, so a promise is a promise - as long as we make this rule: if I say Friday, that could mean any time up until bedtime Sunday. Welcome to my bed. I snore, and thrash, so be warned. Since not a whole lot has changed since my most recent Grand Entrance, I won't linger long.

To the writing:

Finished the revisions I'd wanted to make to "Living by the Highway" and sent it out finally. Thanks to Nick Mamatas (if that was you) for the suggestions. I still think this'll make a great prologue for a new novel....

Finished first draft of new story "Ray Gun." This has been started before, with a young boy as main character (heretofore abbreviated as MC), felt wrong, halfway through I scrapped it and made the MC an eighty-five year old man - named him Hank Cowles - Hank and his wife Phyllis were MC's in my very first novel (said novel currently on cinderblocks in the back yard but someday... someday...), but characters from the book keep making cameos everywhere - especially Herr and Frau Cowles. Hank's a foul-mouthed octogenarian who discovers something wondrous and deadly... anyway, finished the draft Saturday, working on the revisions. This story - here I go again, Michelle :-) - really kicks ass, if I do say so.

Janet read through my draft of the story I wrote for my nephew, I need to enter her suggestions in. Andrew, Amanda and Audrey have done their illustrations - Janet did a rough draft but hers is going to be the cover so she wants to do it again. Hopefully we'll be done tomorrow... Christmas is looming...

OK, on the novel front - the news about Germany needs to wait until the next entry. The editor got the contract from my agent in France, but I haven't gotten the official word yet - so next time I'll give all the yadda yadda on it.

Anything else before I turn off the light and go to sleep....? Nope. Lots of things coming up this week to try and attack my writing time - I'm going to need to be creative. I didn't work out much last week, ever time I tried I was floored by these very bizarre headaches. Hopefully that won't happen this week. I've actually managed to build up some actual form, and it's all going to seed soon if I don’t get off my butt - or my head in this case. Speaking of which, the pony tail's back, hair creeping over the shoulder, but it's going to all get hacked off.. well, most of it... tomorrow probably. Another midlife crisis averted.

...until the end of the week, be good.


Germany? Agent in France? And you want to leave me hanging like that?

You know I was a truck driver, right? That should tell you a lot--Oh and an atheist.

If you *ahem* need another set of eyes, feel free to send this kick-ass story. I've been trying to read Peace Like A River and Gilead because of the praise they've received and I cannot get into them. I need Lisey's Story. Maybe I'll run out and get that. But I'll read yours and would be honored!

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