Man, there's always something getting in my way of writing. Of course, when I'm doing the first draft, it's easy to get distracted, as it's so nerve wracking getting those first-time sentences and paragraphs down. Gotta do it. Editing comes later. I've broken (barely) the 20,000 word mark, but that's not enough. Never enough. But it was nice to see the '2' as the first digit when I last did a word-count.

There were a couple of years when I used to work only 4 days a week, and wrote every Friday. It was how I got three additional books under my best (Ark, Solomon & Darkness) but that's not happening anymore. Life changed, but not in a way which warranted losing 8 hours of pay every week. Still, maybe someday, when the books begin selling, I can go back to this, or more. In one (good) day like that, I could crank out 6,000 words. It was nice. Still, on a (good) lunch-writing binge, the new word count can reach 1500 - 2000 if I'm on a roll. With such a massive work as a novel, it's the practice of picking up the momentum a little at a time which is daunting. I cashed in on a writing coupon a few weeks back, where Janet had the kids for the day, and it's a holiday at work, and I go into the day-job building and sit in the abandoned cafeteria and do nothing but write. Was great, cranked out almost 6,000 words that day. Almost. Felt good. I need to do that again.

Anyway, just wanted to get a little update blurb out there, so my Rant Against The Establishment entry below gets knocked down a peg. (Not that I think I was too harsh, it needed to be said, lol).


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