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By the way, for quite some time I've made it a point to offer free short stories to folks visiting my website at These are older stories that have been published in various outlets, including my aging, self-published charity collection Christmas Trees and Monkeys. Currently on board is my only take (so far) on the whole zombie craze, titled "Two Fish to Feed the Masses." I always try and give a little background on the piece, and hopefully have formatted it so it's readable (whether the writing is readable, well, that's for you to decide <g>).

Anyhow, thought I'd mention it. Heading out to vomit another 1000 or so words into New Horror Novel (still haven't come up with a title yet, been leaning towards Destroyer of Worlds, but it sounds a bit over the top for a book title, doesn't it?....)



Yeah, I'm not sure about Destroyer of Worlds.

Send me an email and tell me what its about, maybe we can brainstorm. :)
No!!!!! (thunder booming...) No one hears anything about the story until I type THE END, thus sayeth Dan... :-)
I was afraid of that, but I gotta try, y'know.

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