Ah, sorry, running late with this one. had a couple of setbacks time-wise. Hopefully this week I can make a bigger leap, still, I think I'm past the halfway mark. No major changes this week plot-wise, steady as she goes.... Happy Mother's Day, everyone. Hope you all enjoyed the good weather this past weekend.

We saw Spiderman 3 yesterday. It had its problems, I think, not quite as good as the first two. Felt a bit bogged down, and the rah-rah'ness of the street crowds in too many scenes was annoying. Still, on the good side - Thomas Hayden Church is the perfect Sandman. (How he became Sandman is just silly, but he looks JUST like the character), and Bryce Howard looks just like the ill-fated Gwen Stacy (not ill-fated in the movie, but the original comic book - she was Peter Parker's original girlfriend who died at the hands of the Goblin the issue before I began reading the comic myself in my teens - interesting they brought her into the movies). A note to the filmmakers - after three Spidey movies with poor Mary Jane dangling from someplace really high as bait for Spiderman, maybe we can come up with another way for the webslinger to face the baddies at the climax? Still, an enjoyable movie all around, and I have to admit, the part I dreaded the most, the eternally dragged out storyline with Harry, Pete and MJ, was actually the best part of the flick.

OK, gotta run.


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