98.4%, almost there..

Just a quick update... didn't get any writing yesterday because things were a bit crazy at work and I couldn't get out at lunch... hate when that happens - though I like it when it's busy at work (I'm a software developer, to simplify my job title), so it's a bittersweet feeling.. Ah, bittersweet, what a girlie word.

Anyway, skipped workout this morning (again - bad habit, but been doing that a lot recently, I get obsessed in this stage of novel writing) and am almost 99% done with second draft, about to work on epilogue - which I WILL do at lunch. Then, I click CNTL-Home and start from the top, and do it all over again. Be interesting to see how quickly I can run through this. It usually goes faster after the second draft is done. I want to get it done, done! And I need a title!

OK, no time to wax poetic about anything right now. My compile should be finished. And I have to go to the bathroom. Busy, busy!



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