Here I am...

Sorry. Been on vacation then trying to catch up at work, been out of touch for a while. I did manage to crawl to the 91.7 % completion level for draft 3 in... well, my agent doesn't like Destroyer of Worlds (didn't think she would, Michelle you didn't care for that yourself if I remember correctly), so back to the drawing board on that one... we're trying to think of a good title revolving around Time... any hopeless, angst ridden expressions, themes around Time, something about second chances, or last chance, or something like that (even madness), without sounding like a Patterson title? let me know...

Where was I? Ah, so almost done with the 3rd draft before I print it off, run through one more time I think before my beloved proofreaders get a hold of it (that is, if Fran's still speaking to me after the Billy the Clown incident... long story, :-)

I always think of a hundred things to write for this blog, then freeze up mentally when it comes time. However, some news: The cover for Apex Science Fiction & Horror Digest, issue #11, is done, and I'm humbled but psyched at getting my name as a headline. See below:

What's next? Not sure. There is an HWA anthology with a tight deadline, so am racing to finish final revisions to "Seeing Monkeys" so I can send it along. Gotta finish the book though... have to keep swimming or I'll drown....


Yeah, Destroy of Worlds just wasn't one of those stand up and get your attention titles.

If you at the very least sent me a small snyopsis, back cover blurb or something I might be able to brainstorm with you.

Time is a huge topic and second changes give a sense of hope while last chance feels like hopeless. I need more info man. :)

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