Checking in....

Sorry, been a while since my last entry. No new news on the German edition of Solomon's Grave. It's released and selling. No reviews or stuff like that yet. Time will tell.

News on a potential English edition of SG has been stalled a bit, holidays and such. News should be forthcoming soon, I hope.

I mentioned a while ago that, with an approving nod from my agent, Margaret's Ark was submitted to the Amazon Breakthrough Novel competition (grand prize is a $25K contract with Penguin, so definitely worth it considering the reasonable timeframe). In 10 days they'll be announcing the semi-finalists. Out of the 5,000 entries, 1,000 will be chosen as semi-finalists and excertps posted on Amazon. Anyway, 10 days to go to see if M'sA makes it to this next milestone. (After that, 100 will be chosen as finalists, but one step at a time)

Still working on the rewrite of the ending to DoW. Aside from this, not a whole lot to report on the writing front. Some news coming soon about a Hungarian translation of my short story "Lavish" (the story which served as the basis for Margaret's Ark). Once I know it I'll let you know.

If you can offer some prayers for a woman named Jill, who's going through some serious health issues, and for my friend Michelle and her family, who have been there for her and need just as much strength and prayers. Thanks.

And I know what some of you might think, Oh Cynical One. But prayer works. Sometimes it feels we're talking to the wind, but from personal experience, I can attest the power of someone else interceding on our behalf. Because of this, I can only assume it works the other way around, even if we don't always see the results. Sometimes it's all we have. Sometimes it's all we need, when everything else fall short.

And just to end on a more upbeat note: two dogs are sitting in a field, when suddenly in the distance comes a loud BOOM! The first dog turns to the second and says, "What was that?" The second dog turns to the first, eyes wide, and says, "What the f--! A talking dog!"



Sherri said…
I'm waiting on that American version of SG so I can read it!

Sending a prayer skyward and inward right now. :)
Thank you Dan and Sherri (and anyone else who might be praying)

It really, really means a lot.

Oh and the joke--FABULOUS! I absolutely love the relief of laughing when things have been so stressful.

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