Broke the 20K mark for new novel Lost in the Woods last week, which is pretty good considering the week began writing-less. Hate that, makes me crazy.

Remember the Kill Jack Haringa on your Blog Day earlier this year (click the link of not)? Well, there was quite a spread of stories killing off writer Jack Haringa, and quite a few have been collected into a small anthology - not yet released, so I'll keep the details to myself until Nick Kaufmann says it's OK. Stay tuned.

Fellow writer Michelle Pendergrass, who is co-editing a follow-up to the successful anthology Coach's Midnight Diner, and invited me to write a story. CMD is an interesting mix of Christian themes with horror, not soft or sanitized, no rules, hard horror but which deals in some way with faith. I did some free writing, word association, came up with the image of someone living in a box, and went from there. The result, a story called "Box". It's been officially accepted and may appear in a related magazine Relief 2.2 beforehand. Though the subject is rather grim and serious, I have to admit this had been one of the most enjoyable writing sessions I had with a piece. And, all humility aside, I think it's one of my best stories in a long, long time. Special thanks to Holly Chen, who works with my wife Janet, for getting phonetic translations of selected lines of dialogue from English to Mandarin Chinese. This dialogue adds a lot to the story, on many levels. Looking forward to seeing the final TOC for this collection.


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