Jack Haringa Must Die! and Dark Harvest

I'm way behind in posting this first part, my apologies!

Remember back in March when I killed off one of my fellow central Mass writers in the first official Kill Jack Haringa on Your Blog Day? Well, a number of these entries, mine included, have been collected in a small paperback (104 pp) edited by Nick Kaufmann, called Jack Haringa Must Die! 28 Original Tales of Madness, Terror and Strictly Grammatical Murder. They did this, aside from the It Would Be A Hoot Factor, to raise funds for the newly established Shirley Jackson Award. Though the book is currently available from Amazon, if you order directly from the Awards Website they keep a much higher percentage of the price for the fund-raiser. You can also see the full table of contents, which includes some pretty major names (hey, I'm in there after all, lol).

Also want to give a shout to Michelle Pendgrass and her fellow horror writers over at the Indiana Horror Writers organization, who've released their first anthology, Dark Harvest, with stories from Michelle, Michael West, Marcus Broaddus, Bob Freeman, Tracy Jones, Sara Larson, Tiffany Proctor, with an introduciton by Gary Braunbeck. Ordering information for this trade paperback can be found at http://www.cairnwood.net/darkharvest.html!

Nightmare in Greasepaint, a novella I'm working on with L.L.Soares, is coming along nicely. As well, finally diving back into the novel, Lost in the Woods, after a hiatus. About 26,000 words, so still have a long way to go, but slow and steady progress forward.

No further news on Solomon's Grave's release next year in the states, or Plague of Darkness in Germany around the same time. More as I hear anything, about these or my other hapless works.

On the short fiction front, "Box" is set to be released in the upcoming Coach's Midnight Diner 2, but not sure when or who else is in it at the moment. I think it's coming out earlier as a promotional story in the next issue of Relief Journal, but I'm not listed as a contributor so not sure about that. We'll know soon enough. Relief 2.2 is set to be released this summer.

Finally, "Living by the Highway" is still slated for an upcoming issue of Cemetery Dance Magazine, maybe as early as issue #60 or the next. When i Iear, you'll hear.

OK, bye.


Thanks Dan!

As for The Diner, we just had a conference call Monday to decide on the stories. The list isn't complete yet, we're working with a few authors on rewrites. Shouldn't be much longer though!
Cool! Looking forward to it...! :-)