38,864 and Wheels & Heels Against MS time...

Thanks to Janet's impeccable driving to and from vacation last week, I was able to make some good headway with Lost in the Woods, bring the word count of the first draft up to almost 39,000 words. Halfway there, and seems about right, as I've reached the mid-point climax involving a gunshot to the chest. Always pleasant....

I'll probably drop a little in my word acceleration because L.L.Soares writes too fast and our novelette Nightmare in Greasepaint is back on my side of the net. This is shaping to be a pretty cool one, though. Never wrote a novella/novelette before but Lauran was right when he said this early, early short story of mine (written 20 years ago believe it or not) is long-form material. We'll see when it's wrapped up, though. Later drafts always cuts the word count down (if you edit properly).

Oh, and special congratulations to my son Andrew for acheiving the level of brown-black belt in Kempo karate. (and for getting a 790 on his Math SAT...!)

So much - news on Coach's Midnight Diner Volume 2 coming soon, containing my new story "Box". .

And I got a sneak peak from editor/publisher Michael Krug of the cover of the German edition of Plague of Darkness (Plage der Finsternis), due out from Otherworld Verlag in January 2009. I'll share it when it becomes the official cover, but it's dark, and very, very cool.

To the important point of today's entry, a special message I proudly deliver each year from my brother and sister:

Hi, everyone -
Over the past five years, I have Emailed to ask you to be a hero in the fight against Multiple Sclerosis. And, each year, you have answered that call and much more. I cannot thank you all enough for always being there.

Just to give you an idea of the financial impact you have had, our team --
Wheels and Heels Against MS -- last year received a plaque from The National MS Society stating that we had, over those years, raised over $50,000!! The award is a true testament to your incredible generosity!

These funds go such a long way toward funding the vital efforts of The National MS Society. Remarkable advances have been made these past few years, searching for a cure. The money you have donated have helped greatly in those efforts, as well as helping to pay for local education, support and advocacy programs that mean so much to those individuals battling this terrible disease.

Once again, my sister Anne Murphy defies her MS and joins her wheels (her hand-pedalled sports bike) to our heels in our 3-Day, 50-mile journey. From September 5th to 7th, we will be joining hundreds of others at the Cape [Cod, Massachusetts], proudly pushing our bodies to the limit in the fight against MS. We look forward as always to this challenge and hope that you will again
join us in our efforts.

Obviously, we are the midst of very difficult economic times and your resources are being stretched extremely thin. But if there is anything you can spare - no matter the amount - it would make such a big difference and is so greatly appreciated.

There are several ways you can help.
* Log onto our fundraising site,
http://www.wheelsandheelsagainstms.com/, and make an online pledge.
* Mail a check, payable to The National MS Society, to either Anne or I. Our addresses are:

Paul Keohane / 2 Jillian Rose Dr /Oxford, MA 01540

Anne Murphy / 16 Kenneth Lane / Tewsbury MA 01876

* Forward this to others and ask for their help in our cause.

Thank you all so very much!!!
- Paul Keohane


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