Shroud Magazine # 6 (with "Family at Dinner") Cover Art

After spending years, literally, on the maybe list of two major magazines (one of them ended up folding, I finally pulled it from the other), my rather surreal story "Family at Dinner" was accepted last year by Tim Deal for publication in his slick new horror magazine Shroud. This relatively new print mag has been gaining quite a reputation lately. Issue 6 will be the first for Shroud's new major distribution program, so the magazine should be available at most every Barnes & Noble and more!

Check out the cover and line-up of this issue, L.L.Soares, Rick Hautala, Bev Vincent, and a ton of other incredible writers and friends. This one's going to be very cool. I'll let you know when it's in the stores!

...yea, I LOVE it when my name's on the cover of something sitting in a bookstore rack. Still gives me the willies... lol


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