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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

"Contaminant" Short Film takes Best Graphics Prize

Hi, Everyone. Way behind on my posting.
Remember "Contaminant", the short five minute film we did as part of the NH 48-Hour Film Project? Well, last week they had a "Best of" Screening and presented the various awards.

In order of presentation, followed by award:

1. "112" by: strange ink, Genre: Buddy Film - Best Late Film
2. "Dark Journey" by: We're Getting the Band Back Together, Genre: Fantasy - Laotian Viewers Choice Award
3. "Clark and Claire" by: Carry On Productions, Genre: Musical or Western - Best Acting, Best Cinematography, Best Musical Score
4. "Pathogen" by: Marsyas Films, Genre: Horror - Best Special Effects
5. "Bumpers" by: Wicked Sick Films, Genre: Mockumentary - Best Use of Prop, Best Use of Line of Dialogue
6. "The Red Box" by: Umbrella Productions, Genre: Silent Film - Best Sound Design
7. "Anatomically Incorrect" by: Visually Sound Pictures, Genre: Dark Comedy - Best Use of Character
8. "Late Fees" by: Triangle, Genre: Time Travel/Doppelganger - Editor's Choice Award
9. "To Be Jane" by: That Kid's Team, Genre:Historical Fiction/Period Piece - Most Honorable
10. "Contaminant" by: Mad Ned Productions, Genre: Sci Fi - Best Graphics
11. "Clark Fails the Fourth Grade" - by: Purple Finch Moving Picture Society, Genre: Dark Comedy - Best Costumes
12. "Welcome to Where You Are" by: Wax Idiotical Films, Genre: Musical or Western - Best Film, Best Writing, Best Directing, Best Editing

Wax Idiotical Films won for Best Film and received
    * A Trophy
    * A cash prize covering this year's entry fee.
    * Filmapalooza: The City Winner will be screened at Filmapalooza,
the official 48HFP Awards Weekend.
    * A copy of Movie Magic Screenwriter 6, the premier screenwriting
software and the choice of Hollywood. ($250 value)

One of the judges told our fearless leader Ned Utzig that he wished there was an award for Best Overkill, because they would have given it to us for using a monstrous laser blast shot from space to kill only two people in a driveway. :-)  Too funny. Fun, fun, all around. It was a pleasure to be part of it.

And we're in the early stages of maybe doing something new, though I've been very negligent (sorry, Ned) in getting the script done with current events around here. Promise, Ned, very soon!

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