Enough of This Shit. Let's Get Going...

OK, before I begin, let me get a bit of news out there so you can't say I didn't tell you:
Morven Westfield (Darksome Thirst, The Old Power Returns), Tracy Carbone (The Man of Mystery Hill) and I (Solomon's Grave, Christmas Trees & Monkeys) will be taking part in a reading, signing and panel discussion on using local settings in their works of horror for the West Boylston Arts Foundation in Massachusetts, on Wednesday, January 19, at 6:30 p.m. at the West Boylston’s Beaman Memorial Library. All are welcome and attendance is free. Learn more about the WBAF at http://www.wbaf.org/. For directions, visit http://www.beamanlibrary.org/directions.html

I keep hitting enter now to start a new paragraph but nothing's happening. I put new batteries in this friggin' thing just the other day so BEHAVE!

OK, so I hope everyone had a good Christmas and/or holiday. The storm that was supposed to kill all life in New England was only meh... but now we're blanketed in a carpet of white, so it looks like winter now. But the holiday is over (for me, at least, the kids get one more this weekend when they head down to the Blains with my ex-wife for Christmas, Part Deaux).

So, I won't recap this year... dark times, good times, out of the darkness and into the light and all that. Got a divorce, watched my kids' stare at the carnage and slowly, but inexorably, dust themselves off and get back on their feet, stumbled back into the dating realm after so long, made some mistakes, did some things right, and met Linda... in that order!

And slowly, sometimes too slowly, dusted myself off and stopped complaining about not writing and actually got back to it. Helps that Andrew's home and is working on his own novel, started with NaNoWriMo, so I haven't been turning on the TV much at (no idea how things are going in the Fringe Division or with Castle), but have opened the laptop instead. I've begun rereading Plague of Locusts again after a year and a half, and will begin writing new words soon. I'll keep you all up to date here. Yea, decided I should finish it. I submitted Plague of Darkness to a Christian publishing house, and have decided unless an agent has an offer from a publisher in their hands I'm done with the middle man for now. What's the point - I'll decide if I need representation again when I'm rich and famous, but until then they don't do much except ignore my emails. I can get a lot more done on my own I think, and this coming from a pretty unmotivated guy. :-)  And I don't particularly care if a publisher buys my books. They're all in such disarray, I might be better off just publishing a book or two myself. At least people will have a chance to read them. A writer who isn't read is like a gong clanging in the woods under a fallen tree. Only indifferent animals hear it and so it makes no noise. Or something. But we'll see. I'll give the "legit" publishers one more chance, on my own.

So anyway, just a entry here to say I'm back into the writing game. Will be here more often and let you know all the stuff going on that's fit to print (not the stuff that's not). Good news on Christmas Tree & Monkeys, too, but I'll do a new entry for that soon, once the cover art's done (eBook coming out).



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