Interview with deCompose: Faith, Culture and Composition Now Up!

I was recently interviewed by Mike Duran, proprietor of the wonderful website deCompose (part cultural blog, part personal website). Part One of the interview is now posted.

We discussed the overall state of the publishing industry, the blending of faith and spirituality with ficiton and horror, my new novel and its publishing vehicle Other Road Press, and a host of other topics. We're also giving away a signed copy of Margaret's Ark. Check it out - not just my interview but his earlier posts. Always very insightful, objective discussions on writing & faith, and how the two can live together in the same house. :-)


Jessica Thomas said…
Good stuff! Thanks for sharing.
Hi, Jessica! SorryI saw this comment before and thought I'd left a reply, but google must have decided I was spam. :-) I really enjoyed the dialogue, it was a lot of fun. And also looks like you were the lucky winner of the drawing! I've sent you an email.