So my general idea came about when - aside from not writing - I still hadn't gotten my Mom or Dad a birthday or Parental Day gift. Paintings are cool. I thought, Hey, what if I gave Mom a gift of her son writing at least 500 words every day? Yea, I suppose that's like giving your retired, semi-eldgerly parents a $500 iTunes gift card. Then, since they aren't going to do anything with it, take it back and buy some songs for my own iPod.


Still, the thought was good. But I didn't get to see Mom or Dad that day, but I am still writing (since only Saturday, so we're not talking a long streak just yet) at least 500 words every day. A few more usually. Maybe I just needed the right push, the above idea was at least a spark, but the fire caught when my Beloved did not like the idea. "Maybe choose something more realistic," she suggested, "500 words every other week" or something like that...? Hmm? When a writer who used to crank out on average 1500 words a day on his lunch break, it was a bit of a wake up call.... I knew 500 word a day is an easy target, if I simply make it a priority and stop questioning everything. But for the past couple of years I hadn't. I'd been talking up a storm, needing to do this, needing to write that, but words are birds fed by the seeds of one's actions. So anyway, been sticking to it. Have Dad's present, but it's not a paiting. Still owe Mom something after all these months. But at least I'm at 2200+ words and am slowly putting together a promised story for an anthology (which has probably already gone to press but I'm not going to ask... need to write & polish this so I can say it was done, regardless if it fits anywhere). Then move on to the next. Slowly, prayerfully, stepping forward on new legs....

picture blatantly stolen from savagechickens.com


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