EZRA - new novel (9500 words so far)

So I'm 9500 words into the new novel, titled EZRA. So far this one is not a horror or supernatural story at all. Not sure what the temr is, Contemporary fiction? Anyway, we'll see where it goes. Began it back in November during Nation Novel Writing Month, though my initial thoughts and notes, rough outline of the beginning chapters at least, have been in my red notebook for a year. I like it so far, and need to continue doing this - a break from horror and other tropes, and I almost gave up on it until lately when it seemed I felt moved to go back to it. The final edits for Plague of Darkness are on the shelf for a little while. I like the changes I've planned, btu found myself constantly not wanting to address them. So time to put this aside and work on the shiny new one. :-)


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