Ok, Train's Moving Forward Again

So, after a stop at the station for far too long, the new words are beginning to flow again, if I might mix my metaphors. If you look along the right-hand side of this blog, you can see that I have had two in-progress works, whose word counts hadn't moved in some time. Nice to be able to up the ticker on one of them tonight.

LOST IN THE WOODS, is my most recent G Daniel Gunn novel. Not sure if I'll stick with this title, but for now it works. I had started it quite a while ago, then put it aside to age like a fine wine while I finished PLAGUE OF DARKNESS (2014) and NIGHTMARE IN GREASEPAINT (2015), not to mention co-edit the newest New England Horror Writers anthology WICKED TALES (2015).

But for writing new stuff - I haven't written the words THE END on something brand new in too many years, so that's the goal. Typing THE END just means the end of the first draft, but then the fun editing part kicks in, and though we're usually talking 6 - 10 more drafts, getting the STORY out and on paper, virtual as that might mean for early drafts (I usually don't print & edit until at least the fourth draft), is the important part. Still have a long way to go with WOODS, but it's a really fun book, and funny in parts. At least, I think so. Don't get me wrong, it's a horror novel through and through, just a bit twisted. So keeping the ever elusive THE END in sight down the tracks.

Then I'll jump back, perhaps, to PLAGUE OF LOCUSTS. This had been going well, and for the most part is outlined out through the ending, but it felt like it needed to sit for a bit, let me see what the overall theme is. I like the characters and the story itself, but everything needs a unifying theme, especially with my more biblical stories.

So, when THE END finally gets typed out, I'll let you know, but in the meantime you can follow my progress on the side bar.


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