Wicked Tales: The Journal of the New England Horror Writers Volume 3

Sometimes I get so reliant on Facebook I forget to post news here on my website. Some big news happened last month, however. Every two years or so the New England Horror Writers puts together an anthology of short stories from its members for worldwide release. The previous two, Epitaphs and Wicked Seasons, have done extremely well. On June 1st, we officially released our third installment, Wicked Tales, The Journal of the New England Horror Writers Volume 3, and I have to say it's an amazing lineup of authors and stories.

My connection? Well, aside from being one of the founding members of the NEHW, I'm also on the board, and this year we three board members: Scott Goudsward, David Price and myself were the editors. We got a lot of amazing submissions, and to make the process work with three editors, the decisions on which stories to include had to be unanimous. In the end, the collection is a frightening lineup of some of the most talented writers from New England. Specifically (in alphabetical order):

Michael J Arruda, Matthew M. Bartlett, E. A. Black, Kristin Dearborn, Peter N. Dudar, Timothy P. Flynn, Sam Gafford, Christopher Golden, John Goodrich, Rick Hautala, Bracken MacLeod, John McIlveen, Paul McMahon, Holly Newstein, David North-Martino, Howard Odentz, Rob Smales, L. L. Soares, Trisha J. Wooldridge, K. H. Vaughan and T. T. Zuma.

We have an uber cool introduction by none other than Chet Williamson, and artist Ogmios' cover art is simply amazing!

This is an amazing collection, if I do say so myself, and I highly recommend it if you want some dark, scary tales. It might just introduce you to some new writers you hadn't met before. Buy it here!

Also, if you've already read and enjoyed the collection, please consider leaving a review on your favorite sites! The more favorable reviews the better it sells!


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