Just yesterday I typed the oft-sought after words THE END at the completion of a new novel, tentatively titled Lost In The Woods (might change it to The Thinning). Now, it's just the first draft, so have a long journey of revision ahead of me, but that's OK. I like revision. Like smoothing and polishing a statue (I guess - never actually carved a statue, but allow me my metaphors). LitW is a novel I'd started a few years back.... quite a few, actually. I'd put it down, pick it up, worked on Plague of Locusts for a time, went back to Plague of Darkness and massively rewrote that novel. But kept finding myself returning to this book. It's goofy fun horror, but since no real biblical connection (loose tie to mythical concept of Purgatory, but not really), it'll be under my pseudonym G. Daniel Gunn. More as revisions commence.

In the meantime, it's November, National Novel Writing Month. I might jump back in to finish the first draft of Plague of Locusts this month, then go back to Lost in the Woods. If I do that, I'll have two complete novels, one for each name. :)


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