5K Autism Walk with team Knights of Noah Ren April 29th!

Hi, I'll be doing the 2016 5K Run/Walk (and yes, I'll be running/walking) for Autism Acceptance with team Knights of Noah Ren! If you'd like to make a donation of any kind, please follow the link and donate directly to the team!

Our friends' son Noah was diagnosed with Autism in 2011. Over the last 6 years, they have had their trials and tribulations, but continue to push forward with the resources that are available to their family. However, there are more families out there that need more services and the providers need more monetarial support to do their jobs effectively.

Their family thanks you for taking the time to consider either joining us in the running of the 5K or for donating to a great cause. Thank you for being a part of their lives and helping them thrive each and every day.

To donate, visit the team's page here:



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