Review for THE COMMUTER (2018) Now Showing

My review of the new Liam Neeson action thriller THE COMMUTER (2018) is now playing at Cinema Knife Fight. See what I think and whether it's distinguishable from his other everyman-in-peril flicks (it is, to a point).

Wow, it's 2018. Think about that, only two years until 2020. 2020! Most science fiction films of my childhood didn't even stretch this far.

I love writing these reviews, though often it depends on how much time I have available between my other writing and family demands, etc. One of my reach careers when I was a teenager was doing this full time, or at least doing it as a sideline. I was the generation watching Gene Siskel and Roger Ebert's At the Movies (one of a few names the show at), debating on the merits of a movie, and sometimes actually agreeing. Me, I always sided with Roger Ebert. He and I had the same taste in films.

In a family of sports-section junkies, I always went first (and only, aside from the comics) to the Arts & Entertainment section of the Boston Globe. I learned quickly not to read a review - or far into one - if I planned to see a movie because it generally gave away the plot/ending. But I loved reading about movies, and TV shows, seeing ads for shows and events from "that life" which I never thought was reachable in my small bubble world (somewhere in here is my PBS Signoff post, worth reading along these lines). Of course, when I got older I realized that there is no "that life" just the life you make for yourself. The idea of writing film reviews faded to the back burner, though I always checked what Ebert thought of a movie before seeing it, to gauge whether I'd like it or not.

When Lauran and Michael began the Cinema Knife Fight website and asked me to contribute, the old "Oh, yea," light went off. Especially since at the time I was going through a major writing drought and this was a way to get the fingers moving along the keyboard. So here I am, writing about different/classic sci-fi or various avant-garde films, and the occasional new releases. Not being paid, but enjoying the heck out of it.


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