What's Been Going On?

Sorry, blog here's been quiet, but not for lack of stuff going on. I've been moving along with the third draft of a short YA novel I've been working on with a friend of mine. It's pretty god actually. That's what "secret project" on the sidebar means.

In the meantime, I do one devotional a week for church and post them here as well. I really enjoy doing these, feels like I'm connecting one-on-one with God as I do (and in many ways that's exactly what I am doing), and yet still being creative, like writing a mini sermon a week. :) 

I'm planning on writing a couple of movie reviews in the next couple of days, if I can find some time. Unfortunately with Cinema Knife Fight gone, I don't have the ever-important world of deadlines to keep me going, so I need to be motivated to write them myself, for myself (and you). Hopefully. First off I'm planning to review the movie I CAN ONLY IMAGINE (2018, I think) and HBO's new FAHRENHEIT 451. Then planning to do a little essay on 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY seeing how 2018 is the film's 50th anniversary.  In the meantime, will be looking over hedges and around trees for another decent film review site that can use my talents.

What about my alter ego, G Daniel Gunn, and his world of horror? He's dead, at least I imprisoned him behind a wall of bricks, held a candle in front of the last rectangular opening for him to remember what light is, then placed the last brick in place. Can't remember if that's from The Count  of Monty Cristo or Dark Shadows, maybe both, but the image is fitting. I've put down the horror quill pen for a time, perhaps forever, and am aiming myself in other directions. It was what I'd started to do years back with Solomon's Grave, but then fell back into the (admitted) enjoyment of writing straight out horror, including co-editing three anthologies for the NEHW. At this point, however, I need to focus differently. Been getting these signals for a while and decided finally to listen. Where is this new direction leading? I don't know. I'm writing, and still marketing Plague of Locusts, and will continue to write, but where I'm truly led by the Spirit to write.

Stay tuned, and keep reading. Writing is way too lonely without someone out there reading.


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