Wheels & Heels Against MS, 2018!

From my brother Paul Keohane:

Hi, everyone -

A few weeks ago, my wife and I were visiting friends down in Dennis.  Their new cottage just happens to be on a road that my sister Anne and I travel past during the last mile of our 3-day MS Challenge walk.  A short distance further is another street whose name carries more and more significance with each passing year.  It is called “Perseverance Path”.

On September 7, I will begin my 16th year participating in the MS Challenge Walk. Seeing that street sign earlier this month was a strong reminder that, although the journey to a cure may be long, the will to fight must remain strong.  As long as MS persists and continues to affect my sister, than I will persist as well. 

Speaking of persistence, my sister Anne is once again showing her unyielding courage and determination by taking on the 3-day, 50-mile challenge with me.  We look forward to joining forces with our friends and fellow warriors down at Cape Cod and continuing to raise awareness of MS and raising money to get us closer to that cure.

Multiple Sclerosis is a frightening disease that affects the central nervous system.  The symptoms may be mild (such as numbness in the limbs) or severe enough to cause blindness or paralysis. The severity and specifics of the symptoms of MS can’t yet be predicted, but advances in research and treatment are giving hope to all affected by the disease.

Your donations to the National MS Society are the key to these exciting treatments.  We hope that you decide to persist in the fight with us and be that beacon of hope for all who battle this disease.  No donation is too small!  
As in the past, there are two ways you can donate.  

  • The fastest and most convenient way would be to click on my name or Anne’s at:

  • You can also mail a check, making it out to The National MS Society
Our addresses are:
Paul Keohane                                      Anne Murphy             
2 Jillian Rose Dr                                        13 Apache Way
Oxford, MA 01540                             Tewksbury, MA 01876

Thank you all so very much for your continued support!!


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