MS Walk Reflections and Thanks From Paul Keohane

Hi, everyone –

Another 50 miles are in the books and, apart from a small blister on the heel, my body is none the worse for wear.  The weather could not have been any better – cloudy, no rain and temps right around seventy degrees all three days.

Although the walk, itself, was challenging, fun and as emotionally charged as ever, it definitely wasn’t the same without my sister with me.  But given how many people stopped me throughout the weekend to ask about her, sending their love and well wishes her way, Anne was certainly with me in spirit. 

When I sent out my initial Email a month or so back, I spoke of perseverance.  I talked of fighting the war that must be fought and not giving up although the battle is long.  I continue to be in awe of my sister as she pushes back against MS every day.  As I visited Anne at the hospital before the walk and at rehab afterwards, I know she must be feeling frustrated.  But she refuses to let MS break her spirit.  As we talked about everything and anything, she filled the room with that wonderful smile of hers and that joyful laugh.  My sister Anne continues to be my hero.

And what can I say about all of you?  Time and time again, I have reached out to you and asked for your support.  And, time and time again, you have answered the call.  I set another lofty fundraising goal this year -- $6000 – which is double the minimum Anne and I were required to raise.   Thanks to your amazing generosity, you not only helped us reach that goal, you helped us shatter it.  With several checks left to clear, we are closing in on $8000!!!   I cannot thank you all enough.

Please know that these funds you give to the National MS Society are invaluable to those fighting this disease.  In fact, I have started talks with their leadership group to fully cover the cost of a brand new chair for Anne to use at next year’s event.  I saw this bike being demoed during the walk weekend and thought it would be a much better fit, especially given her recent injury.

You make things like this possible.  The funds you provide not only go toward MS research and the ultimate quest for a cure.  They also provide that lift – emotionally and physically – to everyone who is fighting their fight against MS.  This help can involve paid-for alterations to someone’s home to make their life more manageable.  Or this lift can be a new bike that allows someone to bring their fight to the Cape and show MS that, although it may occasionally win a battle, it will never win the war!

Again, thank you all SO very much for all of your support.


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