A Thank You From Brother Paul, and a New Record!

 "Life isn't just about darkness or light, rather it's about finding light within the darkness."   

                             - Landon Parham

Hi, everyone –

It’s been two weeks since I completed my 18th MS Challenge Walk and I wanted to make sure I thanked you all one more time.

I thought the quote above was fitting for this year’s event theme.  It’s been such a crazy year to say the least, challenging us all in so many ways.  And yet, despite all the angst, it is kindness, generosity and community that always prevail and lead us through the darkness.

I went into this event concerned not only about the fundraising task ahead of me but also the fifty miles of walking alone.  Day two is especially hard as the miles begin to pile up and the feet and legs start to fight back a bit.  In past years, I had Anne with me to tell her funny stories as well as our fellow Cape warriors to cheer us on.

Well, this year those concerns faded quickly as you once again answered the call.  Walking alone was never a problem as I had plenty of company along the way.  My family and friends really stepped up (literally!) all weekend which made the miles go by so much quicker and easier.  The signs that were made, lunches shared and cheers of family and friends along the way also made this year’s event extra special. 

As far as fundraising goes, what more can I say?  We raised more together this year than ever before as the final total reached just over $8,400!!    You are simply amazing!

On our Saturday night virtual MS Walk call, a chief medical researcher told us that they have made more strides to combat MS in the past three years than in the past thirty combined.   And that is because of all of you and your incredible generosity.

You are that light that continues to shine brightly in the darkness.  You are that beacon of hope that will lead us to that cure.  

For supporting me and, more importantly, my sister Anne, I cannot thank you enough.

                     - Paul


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