20th Anniversary: Wheels and Heels Against MS

From my brother Paul Keohane:

Hi, everyone –

The MS Challenge Walk is right around the corner and I’m scrambling a bit now to get ready for it.  Although time is tight, the goal is ever clear and firmly in sight.  This year’s participation will mark my 20th overall!  Given my short training window, I’m counting on every one of my previous (almost) 1,000 miles to prepare me for the upcoming challenge.  This past weekend, I got in a very hot 10 miles and came out the other side not too worse for wear so am feeling confident.  

This year’s 3-day, 50-mile event begins on Friday, September 9 in Hyannis and, from there, will wind us through the streets and bike paths of Yarmouth and Sandwich.  Hopefully, the temperatures will pare back just a bit from this summer’s heat wave.  After the past few years cut our Cape activities short, I’m very much looking forward to seeing everyone for a full weekend this time around.

As always, I walk on behalf of my sister Anne who has courageously fought MS for the past 25 years.  Although she won’t be participating in the event, she is hoping to meet everyone at the finish line to cheer for us all back in Hyannis on Sunday.  Her beautiful smile and laugh will be a very welcome sight after those 50 miles.

Each year, when asking for your financial support, I never cease to be humbled by your generosity.  I am hoping that you can join us in our fight yet again.  It’s amazing to think that there are so many of you that have responded to the call since my first letter 20 years ago!

Please know that your support goes such a long way toward research and treatment, as well as greatly assisting those who are fighting and struggling with MS every day.   Just this year, Anne has received help multiple times from the Society’s MS Navigator program.

·       They were able to provide funds to help reduce the cost of a new lift system installed in Anne’s condo.  This mobility system has greatly improved her day-to-day life.

·       They also helped to get us in touch with multiple resources that have assisted her in expanding her insurance coverage.  They are also helping us find more affordable and convenient transportation, as well as home services and even financial planning.

As always, there are two main ways you can donate:  

The fastest and most convenient way would be to visit my fundraising page at:


You can also mail me a check, making it out to The National MS Society. 

My address is:                  

2 Jillian Rose Dr
Oxford, MA 01540

Thank you all so very much!!!!



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