Paint By Numbers, Just for Fun

Just for fun I thought I might, now and then, post progress of my paint-by-numbers project. Yes, yes, I know, the purists out there (and I was one of them) would say that's not real painting. And in effect you would be correct. However, I recently discovered how relaxing doing a PBN can be. No pressure, no decisions on content or hues or mixing - simply put the right color in the right spot and try to stay in the lines.

Sometimes simply staying in the lines and letting someone else tell us what to do can be very freeing. For a season.

Now, this particular set was given to me by my sister- and brother-in-law Donna and Paul (of Musto Home fame). The pictures below were the first couple of days of starting out whenever I could slip some time in last month.

Update: I never did post other entries on this, and the picture was finished long ago. Here are the other pics, in order:


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