Nice Review of Stories... from Literary Titan!

Stories from the Psalms, Volume 1 received a nice review from the site Literary Titan. The full link and page is here: Stories from the Psalms, Volume 1: Coffee Shops & Spaceships | LITERARY TITAN. It was a refreshing, and timely, review considering I got a scathing, pathologically-angry note from another potential reviewer who, if they could have broken all of my fingers for writing such a monstrous work of literature they would have. I have to assume, from the rage of that other one, the reviewer was either not Christian, or a severe fundamentalist who shudders at anything off-path to what they consider 'normal'. It was nice to read this review which came out a few days later:

Stories from the Psalms, Volume 1: Coffee Shops and Spaceships by Daniel G. Keohane, weaves a tapestry of narrative fiction, drawing inspiration from the Psalms of the Bible. The book encapsulates a series of character-driven stories, each exploring themes of faith and redemption. Characters like Lucas, who grapples with guilt over alcohol consumption and its impact on his family, and Mateo, a young boy whose early interest in the church leads him to the priesthood, are central to the narrative. These diverse stories collectively maintain reader engagement throughout the book.

Keohane’s approach to writing this book is noteworthy. Having read the Psalms repeatedly, he states that the motivation to write came as a divine inspiration. The lack of a predetermined plan lends his writing a spontaneous and authentic tone. This book primarily targets Christian audiences, offering inspiration and encouragement in faith. Keohane skillfully intertwines his personal experiences and reflections, effectively guiding readers through his creative journey. He reinforces the narratives with relevant Biblical verses, enhancing the thematic depth of the stories. While some tales stand out for their clarity and direction, others may seem a bit convoluted, potentially leading to moments of reader disorientation. In particular, the story of Mateo resonates deeply, prompting introspection about life and interpersonal relationships.

The book predominantly explores themes of compassion, honesty, selflessness, faith, and community. These elements are foundational to its appeal as a Christian literary work. Stories from the Psalms, Volume 1: Coffee Shops & Spaceships it serves as a meaningful devotional tool for Christians seeking to deepen their spiritual connection.


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