Let's Try a New Approach for 2024

So, there's a lot going on as I start this post, a new year, a new job starting tomorrow, and a goal of finishing at least the first drafts of the sequel to Plague of Locusts and the second volume of Stories from the Psalms. I know, no one liked volume one, but that isn't the point of that particular project. It's a tithing and devotional between me and God that I put out in case He can use it to help someone learn, well, something. For the science fiction series Vast Array, after Plague of Locusts my mind has been building out the universe and planning, but if I don't get words on paper nothing will happen. Mind you, the sequel is already 100,000 words but I might scrap a good portion of it.

Katagiri Roshi, Natalie Goldberg's Zen master, left her with this good bit of advice before he died:

Continue Under All Circumstances

Don't be Tossed Away; Don't Let Anything Stop You

Make Positive Effort for the Good

In the end, Get Up Every Day and Brush Your Teeth 

I'm going to read less novels this year, and instead read more enlightening and helpful non-fiction

I'm going to get my body back into shape, especially since, God willing, we'll be adopting the 5- and 3-year-olds this year. 

I'm going to create more, find more peace, appreciate more.

Stop laughing, I mean it. 


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