Burritos, Adoption and Wrestling with God

For a year I've gotten a slew of advice from very well-meaning people about whether Lind and I should adopt Xavier and Emil, our current foster children and soon-to-be sons. Even now, with the decision made with no regrets, I still get stink-eye from some folks (not all, and again, most of the time very well-meaning, said stink-eye given out of concern for us, or the boys). I decided after some moments this weekend that it might be time to let everyone in on a life-changing day I experienced last Fall, when the questions and emotional wrestling over this issue came to a head. And, how God finally grabbed my face, turned it to Himself and said, "This is my answer, now listen."

A month later, I shared an abbreviated toned-down version of the story with my church at the end of Pastor Marty's message, which happened to be about wrestling with God. The emotions were still raw, and now, writing this a few months after speaking to the group, there is zero regret. This is the right thing, for us and the boys and like I say, there's nothing Linda and I can't do when we both make God first in our lives, and each other second. 

Of course, I was pressed for time and left a few details out, including whether we decided to actually adopt the two boys. We did, though as of this writing the court date hasn't been set. I look back on those twenty-four hours and still feel a peace, and awe. It was life changing. Anyway, if nothing else - if you truly see yourself as in my life and inner circle and want the best for me - I hope this has in some way shown you where I am with all of this. My life has never been traveled along the Road Most Taken. Why would that change now, when things are just getting interesting?


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